The Third Day Episode 3 Review: Never Trust Cults

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The Third Day is a drama miniseries starring Jude Law, Naomie Harris, Katherine Waterston, Emily Watson, Paddy Considine and Mark Lewis Jones, among others. The first part focusing on Jude Law’s character is called Summer. The last, starring Naomie Harris, will fall under Winter. There’s another part in between the two called Autumn which will feature a live event in London. These three segments will be interconnected with each other and will create a complete story at some point.

The Third Day Episode 3 Review:

If there’s anything I have truly learned from horror/mystery movies, it’s that never trust cults with anything. Unfortunately, characters in shows hardly ever learn these lessons, and Sam in The Third Day episode 3 is no different. We’re at the end of the Summer series, and boy is it a lot.

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Sam is still high from enjoying too much in the last episode. However, he gets kidnapped, and in the aftermath, learns something horrific. Actually, in The Third Day episode 3, Sam learns a lot of uncomfortable truths. At one point, you feel bad for this man, he has lived with the grief of losing his son, is stuck in a cult island and people are now trying to murder him. He also continues to trust Jess, although something’s definitely wrong in that department as well.

However, when the truth finally does come out at the fag end of the episode, it is surely uncomfortable and surprising, however, it feels too surprising to be real. I am not saying that it’s not enjoyable, because it is. But the reality of it is too absurd. There’s a lot of ambiguity in the series, but if you’re expecting all of your questions to be answered, that’s probably not going to happen.

The Third Day episode 3
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Director Marc Munden leaves no stones unturned to make The Third Day episode 3 as unnerving as possible, and thus we get the brilliant scene of Sam trying to flee Osea by crossing the sea on foot. Such is the desperation that no matter how hopeless the quest seems, he doesn’t stop, even when the sea tries to swallow him whole. And like what we see later on, even though he can see the shore at the other end, safety is just out of his reach. Although there’s a general air of desperation and hopeless in the series, no other scene probably quite matches this one.

Music composer Cristobal Tapia de Veer and cinematographer Benjamin Kračun do an amazing job with the series. Especially the title music – it’s so creepy that it can give you shivers down the spine. The cinematography, as I said for the previous episode, is spot-on in The Last Day episode 3. The colours are faded and the shots change from extreme close-ups to extremely wide shots. Neither gives us any form of respite from the claustrophobia.

The Third Day episode 3
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Jude Law is the star of The Third Day episode 3. Although everyone else, including Katherine Waterston, Emily Watson and Paddy Considine are brilliant, it’s Law who steals the show. From being high off his head, grieving for his son to being afraid for his life, Law portrays the various shades of emotions with finesse. It’s wonderful, and frankly a little haunting, to watch him go through these various shades of emotions.

The Third Day episode 3 really increased my expectations for the upcoming episodes. Next, we’re going to dive into Autumn and Winter, and it remains to be seen what the show will bring to the table. Let’s hope it’s as good of an experience.

The Third Day episode 3 is streaming on HBO and Disney+ Hotstar.

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The Third Day episode 3 ties up all the loose ends but still keeps some ambiguity. Although the twist is a bit difficult to digest, it's still extremely enjoyable.
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