‘The Swing of Things’ Review: Fatuous And Absurdly Nude

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When I read the title of the film The Swing Of Things, I expected something deep about ups and downs, struggles or maybe something just good just going by the name. However, the movie offers no such thing!

Directed by Matt Shapira, The Swing Of Things released on 2 July 2020. Starring Chord Overstreet and Olivia Culpo in the lead, the movie featured an amazing star cast in a not so amazing storyline.

The Marriage and The Mess

The swing of things
Chord Overstreet as Tom and Olivia Culpo as Laura
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How obvious is it for a messy working-for-herself girl to fall in love with a cute guy who is kinda messed too? The movie follows the basic storyline of a boy and a girl randomly meeting and getting engaged after 7 months – Their happily-ever-after! A few minutes into the movie and it made me feel kind of the same as I felt while I was watching The Wrong Missy but it made me feel even worse pretty soon.

The movie, as a whole, is absurd and a not-so-good waste of time. Tom (Chord Overstreet) on the way to his marriage destination with his wife asks the air hostess “What is the mile high club? Can I use my credit card for it? Does it give me extra miles or something?” While this may sound funny, let me tell you Tom works in advertising and he pretty much ‘needs’ to know everything. Then why the stupid question?

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The Swing of Things is not a good title when there is actually no swing in the lives of characters, just minor pebbles.

The Swingers Hotel!

The swing of things

Due to an emergency weather situation, the plane lands in Jamaica instead of the marriage location and Tom and Laura (Olivia Culpo) decide to get married there. They, however, realize pretty soon that it’s a swingers’ nudist hotel (Oh boy! horrible). And after their respective bachelorettes, Laura comes to know Tom slept with someone else, leaves him, and goes to the airport. But it makes no real sense as there are no flights, the weather is bad. Then the runoff for what?

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Eventually Tom comes out as an loyal man, the one who didn’t cheat despite being forced and they get happily married (Ofcourse!)

The Swing Of things

Stream It or Skip It

The last 10 minutes of the movie are the only few minutes in which you’ll actually like the movie, other than that it’s pointless. Not to forget, the story mentions jokes about dolphins who’ll attack people for pleasure, and even manages to show their genitals. Obviously this must make you laugh? Right?!

SKIP IT! The Swing Of Things isn’t about swings in relationships or life as one might feel. It’s about a swingers’ hotel. And while nudity can be beautiful as a piece of art, you will feel gross by the amount and the way it is shown in the movie. God bless my wasted 90 minutes!

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