The Privilege Review: Netflix’s German Horror Film Would’ve Worked Better as a Mini-Series

The Privilege aka Das Privileg is Netflix’s latest German horror film. Directed Felix Fuchssteiner and Katharina Schöde, Felix and Katharina wrote the story along with Sebastian Niemann and Eckhard Vollmar. The film stars Max Schimmelpfennig (Finn Bergmann), Caroline Hartig (Anna Bergmann), Lea van Acken (Lena), Milena Tscharntke (Sophie Bergmann), Tijan Marei (Sophie), Lise Risom Olsen (Yvonne Bergmann) and Roman Knizka (Martin Bergmann). The film is 1 hours 47 minutes long in German language. It is dubbed and has English subtitles.

The synopsis reads, “A wealthy teen and his friends attending an elite private school uncover a dark conspiracy while looking into a series of strange supernatural events.

Netflix’s The Privilege Review aka Das Privileg Review Contains No Spoilers

The Privilege film on Netflix starts with a young film witnessing his elder sister’s death under some deadly circumstance. A demonic spirit is behind the two when their parents head out at night. The incident leaves Finn scarred forever. The story then shifts to a teenager, Finn (Max Schimmelpfennig), who is still haunted by everything that happened when he was a kid.

Finn notices that things are still creepy inside his house. He is worried for his other sister Sophie who is constantly facing some fatal issues. He gets overprotective about Sophie which leaves her and their parents worried. Finn’s parents, Yvonne and Martin, often dismiss any thought of concern Finn would share about the house, Sophie or himself.

Finn decides to take the matter into his own hands and discovers some shocking secrets. Everything around him seems just like a threatening illusion. He tells all of this to his best friend Lena and his crush Samira. Together, the trio seeks answers and attempts to save Finn and his family from the demonic spirits. What’s really happening to him and his house? Who is behind all of these activities?

The Privilege Still 1

Netflix film The Privilege wastes no time as, within 10 minutes, there’s blood, some violence, an evil creature and a death. The bold and horrifying opening is enough to capture your attention and build your curiosity to know more. As the plot progresses, the makers drop a very clear hint on who might be behind it. Felix Fuchssteiner tries to cover it by adding a scene where it all seems like a “dream”. But the hint was very obvious. We knew in just 40 minutes about who could be responsible for the sinister activities in Finn’s house. We just don’t know the intention.

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The story is mainly focused on Finn. So we discover the truth only when Finn does. His entire efforts to seek answers and the revelation of the mystery seems rushed. Even the bad guys seemed in a hurry when they shared their intention for these demonic activities. The rushed plot badly affects the horror elements and the climax. Even when we get the answers, something seems missing as the disclosure wasn’t impactful.

The Privilege (2022) on Netflix could’ve worked better as a mini-series. It has a good cast and a creepy plot. Due to the time limit, we didn’t see more of the bad guys. There’s black magic talk in the film. But there’s very little shown about it. Actor Max Schimmelpfennig, who charmed people as young Noah in Netflix’s Dark, is promising as Finn. He undoubtedly gives a good performance. Another winning act is by Lea van Acken, who plays Finn’s girlfriend, Lena. The rest of the cast also play their part well.

The Privilege Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, Netflix’s latest German supernatural film doesn’t pack any scares or screams due to a rushed plot and weak execution. It has enough bloodshed, gory, black magic talks, and many bad guys. But none of them is used in full potential to appreciate the interesting premise. It would’ve definitely worked better as a mini-series as we would get a detailed version of the story and all the answers in a better way.

The film is now streaming on Netflix.

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The Privilege Review: Netflix's German horror film seems unsatisfactory.


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