Netflix’s The Naked Director Season 2 Review: More Nudity, Fast Downfall

The Naked Director Season 2, based on the non-fiction novel called Zenra Kantoku Muranishi Toru Den, released on Netflix today. The series is based on the life of a Japanese adult video director named Toru Muranishi. Directed by Masaharu Take, the series stars Takayuki Yamada, Misato Morita, Takenori Goto, Nanami Kawakami and Ami Tomite.

Netflix’s The Naked Director Season 2 is the final season based on 80s p*rn film director Muranishi’s (played by Masaharu Take) life. There are eight episodes of 40-45 minutes each. The plot for the final season reads – “Flush with success, Muranishi aims for the stars, vowing to launch his satellite TV channel. But the higher he flies, the farther he has to fall.”

The first episode is called Sex Will Come Raining Down. It starts with a reporter interviewing Muranishi and his popular adult film star Kaoru Kuroki (played by Misato Morita). The duo shares why they enjoy doing adult films and how it sets them free. Muranishi boasts about the number of cases against him, the years he will have to spend in prison and how he slept with more than 5000 women.

Later, Muranishi, Kuroki and his team crash a political rally and promote their adult films on the street. During their speech, they talk about how the sexual crime rate in Japan has come down by 35% since they started selling sex in the market. People are not pleased with this kind of business.

The series focuses on how Muranishi finds out about satellite TV and does everything to get his films on TV. To achieve the same, he hurts people, starts his own production house, and neglects Kaoru Kuroki, the face of his adult film industry. The Naked Director Season 2 comprises drama and crime as we witness Muranishi’s rise and fall. We also find out that he started the concept of Face Shower or facial in Japanese adult films. From making quality adult films to trashy ones to earn fast money, the director loses his touch somewhere.

The Naked Director Season 2 Review: Still 1
The Naked Director Season 2 Review: Trailer still

Addressing more means giving away spoilers in The Naked Director Season 2 review, which I don’t want to do. It’s thrilling to witness the downfall of the Japanese porn industry’s biggest name during that era. Just like in season 1, you will find many naked scenes and nudity in The Naked Director Season 2. It’s a surprise that it is not censored in Netflix India. So it’s better to use headphones if you plan to binge-watch the show.

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Actor Takayuki Yamada is brilliant as Toru Muranishi. He rightly portrays Muranishi’s arrogance, ignorance, vision and selfishness and madness throughout the series. The rest of the cast did their job pretty well. It takes a lot of courage to film a series like making adult films, so kudos to them. The story ends by giving us a glimpse of what happened to some important characters who were a part of Muranishi’s controversial world.

The Naked Director Season 2 Review: Still 2
The Naked Director Season 2 Review: Still from the trailer

The Naked Director Season 2 Review: Is it worth watching?

Overall, the second season aka the finale, is well-made. The Netflix series nowhere promotes physical/sexual abuse and has shown how violating the industry can be. If you want to witness what led to Muranishi’s career destruction, you should give it a watch.

The Naked Director Season 2 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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The final season shows how Toru Muranishi's obsession to get Satellite rights leads to his downfall.

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