The Mysterious Benedict Society Episode 1-2 Recap: Orphans on a Mission

The Mysterious Benedict Society starring Tony Hale, Kristen Schaal, MaameYaa Boafo, Ryan Hurst, Gia Sandhu, Mystic Inscho, Emmy DeOliveira, Seth Carr, and Marta Timofeeva released on Disney+ Hotstar today. Based on the novel of the same name, the streaming platform released two episodes (45-50 minutes each) today. These episodes are called A Bunch of Smart Orphans and Carrying a Bird.

The summary for the The Mysterious Benedict Society episode 1 reads, “Four gifted orphans vie for a prestigious scholarship. The final result is stranger than imagined.” For the The Mysterious Benedict Society episode 2, the plot goes like this – Mr Benedict sends the kids on an undercover mission to infiltrate the L.I.V.E. Institute. The Mysterious Benedict Society Recap of Episode 1 and 2 contains a few spoilers.

Mr Benedict (played by Tony Hale) is concerned about the Emergency, which will lead to problems at a global level. He believes that four unique orphan kids will help him save the emergency. These four orphans are Reynie (Mystic Inscho), Kate (Emmy DeOliveira), George ‘Sticky’ Washington (Seth Carr) and Constance Contraire (Marta Timofeeva). In the first episode, we are shown glimpses of these orphans’ lives before it is about to change.

When Mr Benedict publishes an advertisement in the newspaper that he is looking out for some special kids, Reynie and others give it a try. However, to be a part of Mr Benedict’s mission, Reynie has to give tricky exams. He passes all the tests and meets the other orphans. When they finally meet Tony Hale’s characters, they’re surprised to know that they’re being called together for a mission.

The Mysterious Benedict Society Recap: Still 1
The Mysterious Benedict Society Recap: Still from the series

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In The Mysterious Benedict Society Episode 2, Mr Benedict tells the kids that they have to go to a particular institute to find out the truth about the emergency. He tells these orphans that someone from the institute is sending out these cryptic messages about the disaster. So to find out who it is, they have to take admission and discreetly carry out his mission. When the orphans are sent to the university, they are shocked to see a familiar face as their teacher. That’s the end of the second episode.

It is good of Disney+ to release the first two episodes on the premier day. Had it been just one episode, they would’ve failed to grab viewers’ interest to watch the next episode next Friday. The first two episodes have laid the opening and given us an idea that these orphans are on a big mission. We have just got to know these kids, and they’re unique in their ways. So it can be rightly said that these child actors will be carrying the series on their shoulders.

The Mysterious Benedict Society Recap: Still 2
The Mysterious Benedict Society Episode 1-2 Recap

The Mysterious Benedict Society Recap: Is it worth watching?

The Disney+ original series reminds me of Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, although the story is nothing similar. But the set-up and execution give that kind of feels. It looks like family-friendly series. Also, who doesn’t like a bunch of smart kids trying to save the world?

The Mysterious Benedict Society Episode 1 & 2 are currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. Its new episode will be out every Friday.

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The Mysterious Benedict Society provides a fun start to the Disney+ original series.

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