The Mysterious Benedict Society Episode 8 Recap: Big Day Today

The Mysterious Benedict Society Episode 8 is called Big Day Today. The finale episode stars Tony Hale, Kristen Schaal, MaameYaa Boafo, Ryan Hurst, Gia Sandhu, Mystic Inscho, Seth B. Crr, Emmy DeOliveira, Marta Kessler, Ricardo Ortiz, Trenna Keating.

The plot for the 51 minutes episode reads – With free will and truth on the line, The Mysterious Benedict Society prepares for a final showdown.

– The Mysterious Benedict Society Episode 8 contains spoilers –

The opening scene of The Mysterious Benedict Society finale episode is Mr Benedict, Number Two and Rhonda flying to the Institute. In the next scene, Mr Curtain tells Dr Garrison that he wants her to share the credit for the emergency. Martina arrives at Curtain’s office and shows Kate’s keychain that she found outside the boulder. She tells Mr Curtain that it was not her but Kate who entered the facility.

Kate, Sticky, Constance and Reynie discuss how to destroy the tower where the Whisperer is located. Reynie says that when Sticky is called for his Whisperer duty, he will enter there and tell Mr Curtain a joke. He assumes that Mr Curtain also has Narcolepsy like Mr Benedict, who will faint due to the laughter. That’s when Constance and Kate can enter and destroy the Whisperer using Hydrochloric acid. Everyone has doubts about Reynie’s plan as they tell him that he’s not funny.

When Kate and Constance head out separately to get the acid, Mr Curtain’s security catches Kate. Mr Curtain gives a severe dead look to Martina and Kate and asks who betrayed him. Without wasting any time, Kate confesses that she entered the facility. Mr Curtain spares Martina and tells his team to take Kate to the Brainsweeper. He also gives Kate her bucket back. Milligan gets emotional as he remembers his past when he used to work as a scientist, just like Dr Garrison.

The Mysterious Benedict Society Episode 8 Recap: Still 1
The Mysterious Benedict Society Episode 8 Recap: Still from the series

After waiting for seven episodes, Mr Benedict and his associates finally find the boulder in The Mysterious Benedict Society Episode 8. They defeat Mr Curtain’s security and get inside it. Milligan surrenders himself to Mr Curtain and tells him that Mr Benedict will stop his emergency plan. He tells Curtain to capture him and not sweep Kate’s memories. But Mr Curtain doesn’t listen to him and tells his men to take him away. Thankfully, Constance saves Kate from getting her Brainsweeped. Together, they head out to the tower to bring their plan to action.

The next scene of Big Day Today is from the Whisperer. Sticky purposely says the wrong words, which leaves Mr Curtain doubting him. He enters the technical room and tells his associate to call backup of Messengers. With the help of the wire in her bucket, Kate helps Constance to enter the tower. When Kate tries to go up, the Messengers arrive there to stop her. But she receives help from Milligan and, surprisingly, from Martina and the tetherball team.

Inside the Whisperer, Sticky, Reynie, and Constance reunite. Reynie starts telling jokes so that Mr Curtain laughs and gets a Narcoleptic attack. He fails to make him laugh with his first two jokes, but the third one works. Unfortunately, Mr Curtain doesn’t get any attack. He tells the kids that his trigger point is not the same as his twin brother Mr Benedict. Reynie gives Mr Curtain a speech that he’s not that bad and it’s okay to be sad. Turns out, Mr Curtain’s trigger point is vulnerability as he gets the Narcoleptic attack, and he faints.

Mr Benedict finds an elevator and tells his associates to stay down and not let anyone come up. Kate enters the Whisperer too, but she has no acid with her. They all are worried as they are not sure how to destroy the Whisperer. Suddenly, Constance wears the Whisperer’s helmet and starts talking to it inside her head. It seems like instead of controlling Constance’s mind, the girl controls Whisperer and asks it to destroy itself. They all finally succeed in destroying the weapon that would’ve caused the emergency.

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Mr Benedict arrives there, and he gives the kids a warm hug. He tells them to head down as he will confront his brother when he wakes up. Mr Benedict and Mr Curtain together yell at each other, taking out all their frustration. Mr Benedicts tells his brother that he could’ve asked him for help instead of doing the wrong thing. Mr Curtain reminds his brother of a funny childhood memory. Mr Benedict laughs and falls unconscious, which gives Curtain a chance to escape from the tower.

The Mysterious Benedict Society Episode 8 ends with Milligan and Kate sharing a heartwarming moment, hinting that he will adopt her. Reynie tells Ms Perumal that he wants to stay with her. Sticky decides to go to the Boatwright Academy, and Constance will stay with Mr Benedict. The last scene features Mr Curtain with his adopted son SQ and Dr Garrison. She tells Mr Curtain that Emergency might’ve failed, but she has something better planned and hands him a chart. Mr Curtain has an evil grin as he looks at the chart. They all are escaping somewhere in a huge ship.

The Mysterious Benedict Society Episode 8 Recap: Final Thoughts

The ending was delightful and included some lovely moments. It’s comforting to see that the four youngsters aren’t going back to their sad life. They all have someone or something to look after.  Mr Curtain’s sinister plans aren’t quite complete. So, what’s his plan for the future? We’re hoping for a second season. The producers are yet to announce whether or not a new season will be made.

The Mysterious Benedict Society Episode 8 is currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

What do you think of The Mysterious Benedict Society Finale (Season 1)? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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The Mysterious Benedict Society Episode 8 Recap: Mr Curtain is all set to execute his Emergency plans. At the same time, Mr Benedict and the four kids are doing their best to make it fail.


  1. It is interesting how cryptic they kept the reveal about Milligan and Kate. Despite the big signs in the first episode, when Kate talks about how her father took her to a mill to swim where after she asked if they could go do that again (they even supported that scene with some flashback footage), the details about the two are not mentioned in the final episode. We still do not see the father’s face in the flashback, and Milligan does not explain his name (Mill + Again = Milligan, the only words he could remember after being brain-swept according to the book), so why did they include the hints in the first episode? The author of this review did not even notice the reveal, but wrote: “Milligan and Kate sharing a heartwarming moment, hinting that he will adopt her.” I am very curious what their motives were with this, for it feels a bit weird to keep it out.

  2. You’re right. The scenes between Kate and Milligan were always something deep. Before the reveal, we saw it when he helps her climb the tower too. But I didn’t want to give away everything from that climax scene and hence, I explained it vaguely. It’s one of the best scenes, deserved to be watched instead of reading everything in the review. Rest, only the makers know what their motives are with the characters compared to the book.
    Hope you liked the series 🙂

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