The Miracle of Teddy Bear Episode 16 Recap: Sarin Ronnakiat-Thuchapon Koowongbundit Series Gives Us a Hard But Important Goodbye

The Miracle of Teddy Bear (คุณหมีปาฏิหาริย์) is a Thai romantic-drama-fantasy series directed by Paajaew Yuthana Lorphanpaibul and stars Sarin Ronnakiat, Thuchapon Koowongbundit, Thanapon Jarujitranon and Parada Chutchavalchotikul, alongside other cast members. The series has 15 episodes and The Miracle of Teddy Bear Episode 16 has a runtime of 92 minutes.

Netflix describes The Miracle of Teddy Bear series as:


– The Miracle of Teddy Bear Episode 16 Recap Contains Spoilers –

In a very symbolic manner, The Miracle of Teddy Bear finale starts with Nut finishing his script and, thanking Tofu for all the help while writing it including helping Nut reconcile with his mother. When the two go to bed, Tofu is unable to sleep and, the furniture comment that it is because Tofu has gone from being a simple-minded Teddy Bear to a full-fledged human being. Tofu decides that now with Nut’s life sorted it is time for him to leave. The very next day an opportunity comes in the form of Jan, who asks Tofu to come over to help her with some stuff at her house.

Tofu asks Nut if he can go but, Nut denies it. However, Na suggests that as Jan is alone Tofu must help her out. Uncomfortable, Nut leaves with Na for an appointment at the hospital. Tofu bids them goodbye locks Keunchai and, visits Jan. At the hospital, Nut and Na run into Saen, who asks about Tofu. Nut reveals Tofu being with Jan, which sends a panicked Saen rushing. He collides with Nut while leaving which causes Nut’s bracelet given by Tofu to break, a sign of a bad omen. Nut further receives a call from Nhong who says that Keunchai has been barking non-stop and, Tofu is not around and not picking up his phone either.

At Jan’s house, she offers Tofu a soft drink and, coaxes him to drink it. Tofu confronts her about the reality of what she is planning to do to him and, also about how everything Jan has done must be out of love for Saen. Jan explains how everything we do is for the people we love and to keep their happiness intact. Tofu drinks the soft drink offered which soon makes him sick, resulting in a forthy saliva coming out of his mouth. Saen rushes in and, sees Jan’s horrific deed. Jan says it is to safeguard them that she poisoned Tofu’s drink. She also believes TRD will save them from this as it will benefit the company.

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Nut is the second one to come in after Saen and, he immediately takes Tofu to the hospital. In the emergency room, the doctors try their best to save Tofu. We come to a point where Tofu fades away and, we see him meeting Tarn in a field. This scene probably takes place as Tarn and Tofu’s consciousness/souls meet for the first time. Tarn is unable to recognize Tofu, mistaking him for Nueng at first. Tofu talks about how grateful he is to Tarn for bringing Nut into his life. Tofu walks away from Tarn, who keeps calling him.

In the present world, we find Tofu being announced dead. The news is conveyed to Nut. In a quick flashback, we see it was Saen who took the responsibility for poisoning Tofu back in Jan’s house in front of Nut because Tofu just knew too many of his secrets. Nut and Na are absolutely shattered by Tofu’s death. Soon we see Saen being taken in by the police as Jan is unable to do anything.

Tofu’s funeral time arrives and, we see Nut, Na, Song, Gen and Prib making arrangements. Na takes Nut outside to talk to him about Saen, explaining what Saen did was to protect them. Nut is unable to understand, so Na recounts the events from the past. We see Saen accusing Sib of doing horrible things to Na and, not taking care of her. This confrontation leaves Sib shattered as he loves Na and, he offers a new copy of The Little Prince to Na later.

This gesture becomes a turning point in Na’s life, she invites Saen over and, tells him that even if she never loved Sib, she is ready to be a more dedicated wife and, Saen asks her to be happy and take care of herself. But the moment is short-lived as Sib comes rushing in angry, pushes Na and, hits Saen. It is time when Sib was ill and while fighting with Saen his health deteriorates. Na requests Saen to break it as Sib is sick and, fetch Sib’s meds from the room. Saen goes to the room and, fills Sib’s medicine box with the pills Sib is allergic to. He offers them to Sib, whose health immediately gets worse.

Na looks at the pills and, says that it isn’t Sib’s pills and, thereafter questions Saen about how could he do what he did to his brother. Saen explains that Sib hasn’t changed as he hurt Na in front of Saen also and, this way Na and Nut will be happier without him. They later took Sib to the hospital but, it was too late. Na apologizes to her son. Nut understands and hugs Na. Later that night, we see Nut singing and breaking down in front of Tofu’s funeral picture in pain. The next day Tofu’s funeral takes place and, it is a quick but, heart-wrenching scene.

With Tofu gone, we see Tarn coming to his senses. As for the others, Song tells his father how he is serious about Gen and, they will keep trying no matter how difficult it must be for Anik to adjust. Anik reveals that he has known about Gen and Song since the day he visited Song on the set. The fact is he never thought Song would be interested in men but, that does not mean he isn’t accepting of him. The segment ends with a family photo of Gen and Song’s families together.

Nut goes to meet the newly awake Tarn in the hospital, whose first words to Nut are that he missed him. We realize Nut has missed Tarn too but, that does not mean he did not love Tofu. It is Nut who has become our narrator for the story after Tofu’s death. He lets us know how much he misses Tofu, and how the reviews for his movie have been bad but, people still talk about it. Song has become a star, with Gen being his manager. Nut is seen with Tarn and, he is happy at least the person he wrote the movie for, got to see it but he still terribly misses Tofu.

As for Tofu, well, he is back because miracles never cease to exist. We see him back as the teddy bear now. Turns out that when Tofu’s human body was being cremated, he turned into a teddy bear and, later was able to sneak out from the chimney. He walked and ran (when chased by a dog) and, even found Mrs. Right Slipper on the way, who was lost in the initial episodes. As for Nut, and his friends, they were informed that there were no remains found from Tofu’s cremation, further proving Tofu’s return. The bracelet Tofu received from Nut was solely recovered.

While leaving, Keunchai saved Tofu as the teddy bear and the slipper from the attacking dog and, both were taken home. At home Nut is reminded of the time Tofu told him that he was his teddy bear. Even though Nut does not believe it, we see him saying that he really missed his soft toy. Tofu informs us about Nut visiting a therapist and, trying to be a better person for himself and for Na.

The next segment is dedicated to Nut’s present life where we see him interacting with Tarn, who is planning to open a studio somewhere around Bangkok only. Nut is seen visiting his studio, followed by Prib, Song and Gen. Prib is a little isolated seeing the lovey-dovey nature of Song and Gen as well as the priority Tarn gives to Nut. But soon enough a woman walks into Tarn’s studio to buy Prib’s sample products on teddy bear and, Prib is smitten. Prib finally finds someone at the end, after all!

As for Nut and Tarn, we see them happily living their lives together. But, Nut never forgets about his teddy bear and, talks to it. The Miracle of Teddy Bear Episode 16 ends cutely with Nut going out with Tarn and Na but before that tells his teddy bear not to be jealous.

The Miracle of Teddy Bear Episode 16: Final Thoughts

Well, here comes the end of Tofu’s journey and, what a ride it has been. The way The Miracle of Teddy Bear finale opened, with Jan poisoning Tofu and, Tofu dying, it almost left like the ending will not be a good one. But, as the minutes passed and, Nut took over the narration and, then Tofu returned as a teddy bear (no matter how bogus the entire thing logically feels) things just clicked into place. I was almost convinced I will judge Nut if he sees Tarn right after Tofu left, but the process and the feeling these two characters share during the latter half of the episode is so gradual and genuine that I actually did not mind.

I do feel this is the most sorted ending the series could get without any more lies and deception, without another good character turning bad. It is also possible that if Tofu ever confessed to Nut seriously that he is his teddy bear, Nut could never wrap his head around this ‘miracle’. However, Nut slowly putting things in place understanding that Tofu is the teddy bear just feels more appropriate.

The Miracle of Teddy Bear Episdoe 16 was massive. No, not as massive as the fifteenth episode but, beautifully tragic and, memorable. This is surely a story, with all its loopholes, with sticks with the audiences for a long time. Hopefully, other fans will be happy with the ending the makers have given us and, remember Tofu’s story a unique miracle.

You can watch The Miracle of Teddy Bear Episode 16 now on Netflix.

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The Miracle of Teddy Bear Episode 16 marks the end of this romantic Thai drama.


  1. Well said as usual, there’s a tiny bit thing need to point out that the one that was found was the left slipper.

    • Thank you so much for being such a diligent reader. Glad you liked the recaps, glad to take in your feedback too. Please do stay tuned to the page for more such reviews, recaps and news.

  2. A very sad, but sweet ending. Episode 16 was beautifully done, after the massive episode 15. Thanks for your recaps. I enjoyed watching the series and reading your recap/comments afterwards.

  3. The ending was trash the villain wins in the end. How they tied tofu to another person was wack how about all the other living things in the house it was bad writing. And for a person to kill them self for some other person to live Um no was a bad ending I feel like show are getting more and more ridiculous

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The Miracle of Teddy Bear Episode 16 marks the end of this romantic Thai drama.The Miracle of Teddy Bear Episode 16 Recap: Sarin Ronnakiat-Thuchapon Koowongbundit Series Gives Us a Hard But Important Goodbye