The Miracle of Teddy Bear Episode 14 Recap: Sarin Ronnakiat-Thuchapon Koowongbundit’s Story Gets Bittersweet

The Miracle of Teddy Bear (คุณหมีปาฏิหาริย์) is a Thai romantic-drama-fantasy series directed by Paajaew Yuthana Lorphanpaibul and stars Sarin Ronnakiat, Thuchapon Koowongbundit, Thanapon Jarujitranon and Parada Chutchavalchotikul, alongside other cast members. The series has 15 episodes and The Miracle of Teddy Bear Episode 14 has a runtime of 90 minutes.

Netflix describes The Miracle of Teddy Bear series as:


– The Miracle of Teddy Bear Episode 14 Recap Contains Spoilers –

In The Miracle of Teddy Bear Episode 14, we see Anik revisiting Tarn’s house in hopes to find new evidence. He finds a piece of a broken vase, which we see was brought to his notice by Tofu. Meanwhile, Jan freaks out about Tofu’s involvement in the matter and, it is finally revealed that it was Saen who attacked Tarn after all and, Jan helped him clean up the scene later. Jan suspects that someone else too was present at Tarn’s house during the attack and that might be Tofu, he might be pretending to have amnesia to keep an eye on Jan and Saen.

On the other hand, Na, Nut and Tofu visit Gen’s mother, who is a doctor who gives them Na’s full diagnosis. She suggests keeping Na in a brighter mood to avoid agitating the symptoms as well as the fact that there is no cure for Alzheimer’s but only ways to not aggravate the disease. Hereon after we see Tofu and Nut arrange for ways to keep Na healthy and happy which includes playing basketball and Jenga. Later Na asks Tofu to look after Nut as he can be a handful with Na’s deteriorating condition.

The next day Tofu finds the blanket which Saen had given Na during Nut’s birth in the attic and, takes it out to get some sun. The blanket recalls how things went downhill with the family. Soon, we find Saen visiting the family. Na has a conversation with Saen about her health and how it will be difficult for him to remember it all as she forgets. She asks Saen to be mindful. Meanwhile, Tofu asks questions about what kind of a person Saen is to Nut, who praises Saen’s character. While leaving, Tofu drops a bluff to Saen that he might be remembering things and, also indicates what outcomes can come out of a disagreement or fight.

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Saen immediately visits his boss after this incident and, we get to know that she is the one who instigated Saen to attack Tarn as he was creating a nuisance in her construction business due to the environment being harmed. Angered by the matter not dying down, Saen’s boss decides to take care of matters on her own, which might hint at even killing Tarn in the hospital. Anik investigates an identical vase picked from Tarn’s house which could be the weapon used for the attack. Even though prints are not found on the vase, the case doctor confirms that it isn’t the weight of the vase that could have caused the injury but, also the strength used.

Anik deduces that there must have been more than one weapon as there were multiple injuries Tarn suffered. As for Na, Nut and Tofu, the three spend more time together playing games, cooking and talking, in order to help Na stay as happy as she can so her condition is stable. Prib visits them one day but, the meeting isn’t all sweet as the food catches on fire due to Na not turning off the gas which angers Nut and he shouts at Na. Later that day, Nut starts working on a new project but, is soon overworked due to pressure. Tofu helps him calm down and, the two spend some romantic time together.

Next day, Nut is visibly calm and suggests throwing a party. While making the guest list Tofu hands Na an old album with pictures from the past and, they talk about childhood memories. Nut decides that they should be framing a family picture and, Tofu suggests getting one shot at home. Soon enough there is a whole photoshoot with Na, Nut, Tofu and Keunchai, along with Prib, Gen and Song. Prib leaves with a wistful eye towards Nut and Tofu.

The day of the party arrives and, guests come in full flow. However, we see Saen come in with Jan. Nut declares Jan is uninvited to the party as it is for Na and, he wants his mother to be surrounded by good people only. But, Na doesn’t mind welcoming Jan after giving out her 2-cents that serve Jan well for her mean behaviour all the time. At the party, Tofu drops Jan with a bomb that she might just be in for many surprises, almost worrying her. Na, thereafter, gives an emotional speech at the party after she reveals to everyone she has Alzheimer’s. This is followed by a karaoke by Nut and Na.

Nut’s teacher from school, Pritr, who also happened to be a very good friend of Na has a heart-to-heart conversation with her. Pritr also apologizes to Nut and, shows the development in thoughts and acceptance she has had over the years and, how she is only trying to be better and do better. As for Jan, Tofu takes good care of her by indirectly talking about Tarn’s case around her. He also introduces Song as Mr. Anik’s son, which sends Jan into more panic. The knot is undone when she gets to know from Song that Saen has shifted Tarn to Bangkok and, Anik is going to follow it here.

Before Jan can confront Saen about the development in Tarn’s case, she watches Saen and Na talk, where Saen tells Na how he is moving back to Bnagkok and, about his split with Jan. After the party is over, an enraged Jan confronts Saen about moving Tarn to Bangkok. Saen too breaks out saying how regretful he is and, he can no longer see Tarn suffer even though he hurt him at his boss’ instigation.

By the end of The Miracle of Teddy Bear Episode 14, Tofu figures out that it is tears that wake up inanimate objects and give them consciousness and, also memories. In fact, it is Tarn’s love and memories that made Tofu human from a teddy bear.

The Miracle of Teddy Bear Episode 14: Final Thoughts

This episode of The Miracle of Teddy Bear was both filled with smiles and tears. It was so good seeing Na, Nut and Tofu spend time together. But, it was also sad to see Na and Nut down and reflect on life on their own. Tofu’s voice-overs and remarks really made the episode stand out. Also, we have the first full detail of what happened to Tarn, and that is good progress in the story, murder-mystery wise.

You can watch The Miracle of Teddy Bear Episode 14 now on Netflix.

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The Miracle of Teddy Bear Episode 14 will make you smile and cry.


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