The Lost Symbol Episode 2 Review: The Judgement Of Solomon

The Lost Symbol Episode 2 has our protagonist Robert Langdon racing against time as he is drowning in cipher one after the other. Based on Dan Brown’s bestselling book The Lost Symbol, this Peacock original plans to keep you at the edge of the seat with suspense while you brainstorm on archaic Hebrew codes and Mason history.

Developed by Dan Dworkin and Jay Beattie, the episode has a run time of about 44 minutes and stars Ashley Zukerman as the young Harvard Symbologist Robert Langdon and Valorie Curry as Katherine Solomon, an essential female lead alongside Langdon while he is on the quest to solve another earth-shattering mystery.

– The Lost Symbol Episode 2 contains spoilers –

The Lost Symbol Episode 2: “Robert finds a new ally”

By the end of episode one, the audience was left gasping wondering what’s the next as Katherine Solomon, Peter’s daughter was seen handing over an envelope to Langdon that is a matter of life or death to her father, Peter Solomon. The Lost Symbol Episode 2 catches up right from that instance and we see the two (Robert and Katherine) trying to understand all the murky codes that come their way.

We are introduced to a certain new character who happens to be a friend of our missing Peter Solomon and a member of a secret group among the Masons called the ‘Leviathan’. However, the question of what “ancient wisdom” is still continuing as our leads find themselves trying to solve the equation of the artefact from episode one.

The CIA, on the other hand, is no good not only in not being able to get hold of Langdon but are also losing focus on Peter Solomon’s case. Thus, somewhere in the middle, it feels like the characters are doing some random things which are not linked to the central theme of the story being told.

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Parallelly, Peter Solomon’s story runs. The man in captivation tries to find his way out of the prison he is kept in only to end up in Mal’akh’s cage again but this time in “the Araf”- the borderline between heaven and hell.

Even though the second episode is too early a time to comment, but the angle of Zachary Solomon (Peter’s son) deserves more attention and not just one 3-minute scene. Although, the Robert-Katherine angle is getting enough attention as we witness visible strain in the leading duo’s relationship and some recurring soft-spot moments.

The Lost Symbol Episode 2: A more humane sketch of Robert Langdon

A recurring theme that we can assume will continue to occur is Langdon’s claustrophobia. The flawless hero created by author Dan Brown does have his weakness but it is not something the films have been able to put on screen. With the series, however, the air seems to be changing. With every episode, we see Langdon somehow coming face to face with his fear of enclosed spaces and, he sure seems to conquer it bit by bit.

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Somewhere it does feel that this version of Robert Langdon is going to stand out because it is easier to humanize him as he fights his demons. The side characters call him out when he goes on and on with his knowledge, his fears are relevant and stop him at times and most importantly, as the young version of Robert Langdon he has not been put on a pedestal yet, making his journey seem more grounded if not relatable.

The Lost Symbol Episode 2: Final Verdict

As the second chapter of The Lost Symbol unfolds, things look hopeful that the show has the potential to develop and do better with time. Watching Ashley Zukerman is a delight and he is definitely going to make his character as memorable as Tom Hanks’.

You can watch The Lost Symbol Episode 2 on Voot Select, now. Meanwhile, for the recap for the first episode, click here.

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The Lost Symbol episode 2 shows Robert Langdon on the run but this time he has an ally.

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The Lost Symbol Episode 2 Review: The Judgement Of SolomonThe Lost Symbol episode 2 shows Robert Langdon on the run but this time he has an ally.