The Lockdown Hauntings Review: The Real Villain Here is the Lockdown

The Lockdown Hauntings is a horror movie directed by Howard J. Ford and starring Tony Todd, Angela Dixon, Heather Peace and Jon Campling, alongside other cast members.

We see three people at first in this very cash-grabby attempt at a movie. The Lockdown Hauntings movie has three people isolating alone during the first week of the lockdown either of their own volition or because they had no other option.

From the get-go, you get this distinct feeling that The Lockdown Hauntings doesn’t really take the trade seriously. It’s like, they merely made this movie as a means to get some extra bucks. The movie starts with three of the two women facing something paranormal, after Tony Todd (who’s a paranormal investigator), gives a forgetful speech. One of the women hears a disembodied voice as she gets herself inside her home while a bowl smashes to the ground on its own in the other woman’s house.

Both of these incidents feel like a lazy attempt to imbibe a sense of fear in the audience, which is a very real testament to what’s about to come in this 1-hour 41-minute movie.

So, if you thought that people being murdered by crazed spirits while in lockdown is the work of multiple ghosts, you’re wrong. The Lockdown Hauntings features the murder of several people, particularly women, at the hand of a serial killer who is… wait for it… a GHOST! Yes, you got that right. It’s a ghost serial killer.

The Lockdown Hauntings
The Lockdown Hauntings Review: The Real Villain Here is the Lockdown 3

Let’s first talk about the fact, however, that the movie was made with a very small budget and a skeleton cast and that’s evident while you watch the movie. In spite of that though, the cinematography is pretty great and the movie looks very artsy most of the time. There’s a lot of good moments where the surroundings look great although there are a few issues with the camerawork.

However, the biggest flaw is the story. It’s pretty bad. The central theme itself is kinda hilarious and the execution does no favours. It mostly consists of ambient sounds and jumpscares and hilarious moments that are meant to be scary. If anything, I was bored the entire runtime while waiting for something significant to happen. There’s a distinct impression that The Lockdown Hauntings tried to tap into our fears and anxieties of the lockdown and the effect that it had on people. Basically, the movie is more about the lockdown than the ghosts.

Angela Dixon is good in her role as a detective who might have the virus. Just like the rest of us, she’s bored and jumps at any opportunity to work. 10/10 can relate. Everyone else is also mostly good, nothing spectacular. The effects that bring the horror activities in front of the eyes aren’t impressive although I’ve seen worse, so I guess that’s something to take away.

Summing up: The Lockdown Hauntings

The Lockdown Hauntings
The Lockdown Hauntings Review: The Real Villain Here is the Lockdown 4

The Lockdown Hauntings is not an impressive movie. If anything, it’s boring. There are no scary or creepy elements and the production quality is decent. If you’re looking to watch something scary, there are better things to watch; give this one a skip.

The Lockdown Hauntings is available in iTunes.

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The Lockdown Hauntings is boring and unimpressive and is more concerned with showcasing the lockdown than the poltergeists.

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