Home Entertainment Netflix’s The Last Mercenary Review: Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Action-Comedy Is Decent

Netflix’s The Last Mercenary Review: Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Action-Comedy Is Decent

Netflix’s The Last Mercenary Review: Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Action-Comedy Is Decent
Netflix's The Last Mercenary Review

The Last Mercenary, a French action-comedy starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, Samir Decazza, Assa Sylla, Miou-Miou,
Alban Ivanov, Éric Judor, Nassim Lyes, Patrick Timsit, Valérie Kaprisky and Djimo is out on Netflix. Directed by David Charhon, the filmmaker wrote the screenplay with Ismael Sy Savane. The duration of the film is 1 hour 52 mins and has English subtitles.

Netflix describes the film’s plot as – ‘A legendary secret agent-turned-mercenary comes out of hiding to save the son he’s never met. Learning how to be a dad may be his toughest mission yet.’ About JCVD’s action scenes, the platform mentions, “Iconic tough guy Jean-Claude Van Damme kicks, punches and does the splits in this adrenaline-fueled action-comedy.”

– The Last Mercenary Review Contains No Spoilers –

Jean-Claude Van Damme makes a heroic entry in the Netflix film The Last Mercenary’s opening scene. He portrays Richard Brumère, a mysterious former secret service agent. He is often addressed as ‘The Mist’ because not everyone can easily notice him or get hold of him. In the first 10 minutes, Richard finishes his mission of saving the son of a Russian businessman from the goons.

Richard Brumère’s next mission is a little more difficult and personal. His son Archibald is in danger and is arrested by officials in a false case. Richard hasn’t seen Archibald since he was a toddler. Archibald has been cared for by one of Richard’s acquaintances. Archibald is unaware of his father’s profession and despises him.

So, with threats from all sides, will Richard be able to save his son Archi? When his son learns the truth about his father, how will he react? All of these questions will be answered in The Last Mercenary film.

The Last Mercenary Review: Still 1
The Last Mercenary Review: Still from the trailer

Those 1 hour 52 minutes in Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Netflix film are packed with action, car chase scenes, gunshots, and humour. Occasionally, the jokes land, and sometimes, they don’t. However, we don’t see many comedies with action, so this one is a delight. The action scenes are well-shot, and given that this is a comedy, some of them are a little ridiculous.

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The issue with Netflix’s The Last Mercenary is that there are too many characters. The first 30 minutes are a little difficult to digest and follow the plot. So, if you ignore what happens then, you’ll be left wondering why are these people creating difficulties for Richard and who is this man obsessed with Scarface’s Al Pacino!

The Last Mercenary Review: Still 2

Scenes with Richard, Dalila, and Archibald have been the most entertaining. JCVD steals the show in every scene he is in, either with straight-faced humour or kicks and punches. Dalila, played by Assa Sylla, is another character I enjoyed watching. Actor Samir Decazza also performs well as Archibald.

The Last Mercenary Review: Is it worth watching?

Overall, the film offers a mixed bag of positive and negative aspects. It’s a decent watch, and the action scenes won’t let you down.

The Last Mercenary is currently streaming on Netflix.

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