The Girl From Oslo (2021) Review: Anneke von der Lippe Starrer Is Dark and Political But Not Engaging

The Girl From Oslo aka Bortført is a Norwegian thriller that is created by Kyrre Holm Johannessen and Ronit Weiss-Berkowitz and directed by Uri Barbash and Stian Kristiansen. The series is co-produced by Netflix, TV 2 and HOT. Chris Forsgren and Johannes Ringen lead music to this series. The show stars Anneke von der Lippe as Alex, Amos Tamam as Arik, Raida Adon as Layla, Andrea Berntzen as Pia, Shadi Mar’i as Yusuf, Daniel Litman sd Nadav, Anders T. Andersen and Karl, Red Abuhab and Dana, Jameel Khoury as Bashir. There are a lot of ten episodes, each with a runtime of about 30 to 35 minutes.

– Netflix’s The Girl From Oslo review does not contain spoilers –

The Girl From Oslo: Kidnapping & Terrorism

The Girl From Oslo starts on a very light note with parents surprising their daughter with birthday cake and balloons, only to find that their daughter is not at her designated place to stay and the show takes a complete 360-degree turn to walk down a dark and dirty lane.

We have Alex (played by Anneke von der Lippe) who comes to Israel to look for her daughter but is met with a piece of rather shocking news. On her arrival, she seeks the help of her friend Arik. However, soon they receive a videotape showing Pia, Alex’s daughter (played by Andrea Berntzen) and two of her other friends kidnapped by terrorists to hold hostage in exchange for really heavy demand.

The ISIS group wants the government to free 12 Israeli terrorists put in prison and one Norwegian prisoner, Abu Salim. If these demands are met, only then they will let the hostages go. In case, the demands are not met and bureaucrats try to find them beforehand, it might result in the death of the hostages. Meanwhile, Alex strives hard every day in Israel as she tries to come up with and sort out plans to rescue her daughter. Alex’s husband, Karl who is left back in Oslo does his bit of research and planning to figure out a way to get their daughter out of the hell hole created.

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The show heavily relies on the political ground and as it progresses there are episodes dealing with Hamas. As time runs out to extract Pia and her friends from the terrorists, the plans and ways get twisted too. However, it just does not stop at the method. Dark and gritty secrets from the past start slipping into the present, making interpersonal relationships difficult and finding trustworthy people hard.

The Girl From Oslo has the right elements to stand out as a beautiful and disturbing political thriller that keeps you asking for more. Instead, the series falls short to establish a storyline without digressing and introducing small plots after every 15 minutes of the episode. The actors try to hold it together but, they are not convincing even. If there was some more gravitas in the series, it could really stand out to be one of the best.

The Girl From Oslo: Final Verdict

It is a good attempt in creating something new with a topic as relevant as terrorism and crusade. The collaboration between the actors stand out but, the premise confuses you more than helps you uncover and come to revelations. The Girl From Oslo is a good watch if you are just starting out with films that explicitly deals with topics similar to this film’s central theme.

You can stream all ten episodes of The Girl From Oslo (2021) aka Bortført now on Netflix.

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The Girl From Oslo feels like the film Taken but congested and digressed yet thrilling.


  1. Hi I think it is quite unrealistic that daesh operation in South Sinai.I iften travel in The area from Eilat to Taba boarder.
    By the way the area looks more like Wadi Rum in Jordan.

  2. The Norwegian Mother, Alex, is a dope of a character. Constantly weilding a stupid piece of information to the selfish destruction of everyone around her. She was a famous Oslo negotiator? She lies left and right to get her way. There is no nobility in that.

    • She’s an asssssss. The typical self righteous entitlement mindset of first worlders. I can’t believe she tried to threaten Arik to reveal that Pia is his daughter. So what??? He should have let her go blab the first time she hinted at a threat, before he went and got himself all involved trying to get those mercenaries to get her daughterback. He lost any leverage he had at that point.

  3. Are we to believe the lawyer father is allowed to represent a terrorist as his daughter is kidnapped by the group? Are we to believe Israeli intelligence wouldn’t figure out in 5 seconds Mom is lying about hiring mercenaries? Totally unbelievable. Irritatingly unbelievable.

  4. Come on folks:
    I found it to be a compelling and suspenseful thriller.
    This series is well worth viewing as compared to other film offerings.

  5. None of the characters are likeable – the acting is cardboard and the script cliched. In the opening sequence Alex and Karl speak Norwegian to each other (obviously). Towards the end of the series they are speaking English… Pia screams all the way through, but she screamed better on Utøya. Von Lippe’s portrayal of Alex, a Norwegian female in a high position, is dauntingly realistic. Unyielding, arrogant, selfish and utterly lacking warmth. I met so many of those in my 13 years in Norway.

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The Girl From Oslo (2021) Review: Anneke von der Lippe Starrer Is Dark and Political But Not EngagingThe Girl From Oslo feels like the film Taken but congested and digressed yet thrilling.