The Future Of Review: The Future Is Bright and Full of Possibilities

The Future Of is a science & nature documentary series released on Netflix on 21 June 2022. The series is set to explore how technology will affect the basic aspects of our lives in the future. It is created in collaboration with 21 Laps entertainment, Vox Media Studios and The Verge. The series has released only 6 episodes as of now and the following 6 episodes will be available next week on 28 June.

Each episode has a runtime of about 20-22 minutes respectively. It is produced by Michael Lebowitz and executive producers Shawn Levy along with Josh Barry and others. The narration is voiced by Jurnee Smollett, an American actress and each episode features various innovators, reporters etc.

Netflix’s synopsis of the series reads:

With the help of industry experts, this innovative docuseries examines new and emerging technological trends to imagine revolutionary possibilities.

-The Future Of Review Does Not Contain Any Spoilers-

Episode 1: Dogs

Imagine a future where AI fully translates animal language and behaviour for pet lovers and picture how it will transform life with our fur babies. That’s what the series explores in the first episode of The Future Of – Dogs. What would it be like if we can talk to dogs and understand them? Would we love it if they can communicate with us or are happy with how things currently are?

We are introduced to the CEO of Zoolingua, an app that can tell what your pet is feeling by picking up subtle cues like the movement of ears or tails or sniffing. There’s even a possibility of ‘Dog Internet’, an internet service that only caters to dogs. Maybe dogs can finally have their own dogstagram which isn’t handled by a human posting on their behalf.

Episode 2: Dating

This episode features, Love is Blind star Giannina Gibelli, as they explore the enormous possibility of dating through AI. In the future, finding the perfect match could rely on AI (Artificial Intelligence), biometric data and wearables that gauge compatibility. Statistics show that at least 270 million people use various dating apps but only 12% of the users find their partner, with whom they can think of building a life together.

In all honesty, dating is frustrating, there are not many moments in our lives when we meet someone in real life that could lead to a potential relationship. We depend on the apps to find us a match with absolutely zero probability if that will turn into something meaningful. But what if the AI becomes our dating coach who would match us with the people who are 99% compatible with us or warn us if we are going out with the wrong person.

The Future Of Review: The Future Is Bright and Full of Possibilities

Episode 3: Houseplants

In recent years, the sales of houseplants have tremendously increased as more people are buying plants for their homes. It’s like the first step of independence and stability for the new adults, if you can keep a plant alive that’s an achievement in itself. Many even prefer to fill their home with plants instead of having a pet.

In this episode, we explore what plants could do more than usual. Like emitting light or killing invading insects and going a few steps forward, work as our data storage. Sounds like an idea from a sci-fi film but plant genetic modification has been happening for decades and it’s not a far-off possibility. From pollution monitoring to data storage, biologists and botanists talk about the potential of plant modification and its effect on our everyday lives.

Episode 4: Gaming

Gaming is a lucrative industry that generates more profit than films and TV. And its potential for indulging in our real life is pretty high. We have seen the craze of games like Pokemon Go which slightly blurred the lines between the real and virtual world. But what if the whole world or your neighbourhood could become your game ground. Here, specialists discuss the next level of augmented reality, its potential to transform mundane places and the downsides of immersive experiences.

still from The Future Of

Episode 5: Space Vacations

Space travel or tourism is an exciting term that has been coined around in the past few years. The idea of settling down on a new planet has been a high ambition since man stepped on the moon. But to be able to transport tens or maybe hundreds of people to space amount to an enormous cost. But since the experiments of SpaceX to make rockets reusable, the potential to make fuel cheap is in work as well.

Scientists believe that it is not far when we could have a group excursion to the space sub orbital but it still has a lot of economical and environmental challenges to tackle.

Episode 6: Cheeseburger

Although the creators have named the episode ‘cheeseburger’ the real topic here is meat and its reproduction through scientific methods. Meat consumption makes up to 15% of greenhouse emissions and has increased 4x fold in the past decade. So does the popularity of plant-based meats has increased in the current times and it is believed that the industry will grow more.

That’s why driven by ethical and environmental concerns, food tech startups are using smart engineering to reimagine meat. Works are in the process to make the meat in the lab by culturing them. What if we could grow our own meet through such methods without hampering its original taste or texture.

Still from The future of

Final Thought: Ambitious or Risky

The Future Of series on Netflix explores the possibility of what we can encounter in the near and far future. Every innovation or idea has its pros and cons that we need to consider before, we can establish them on a grand scale. Technology has become a big part of our lives and its involvement is only going to increase. The question remains is how are we going to utilise them, either they will make our lives better or lead to a hazardous end.

There are 6 more episodes left in the series that will explore the topics of Death, Fashion, Skyscrapers, Sports, Health and Headphones. We are curious to know what would be predicted about these subjects.

The Future Of is streaming on Netflix.

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The Future Of is a documentary series on Netflix that explores the endless possibility of technological advancement in future.

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The Future Of Review: The Future Is Bright and Full of PossibilitiesThe Future Of is a documentary series on Netflix that explores the endless possibility of technological advancement in future.