The Future Diary Season 1 Explained: What to Expect From Season 2

The Future Diary is a dating reality TV series starring Daigo as the MC and focuses on the relationships between complete strangers. The Future Diary season 1 came come in 2021 while season 2 episodes 1-4 will release on May 17.

I think we can all agree that The Future Diary was a one-of-a-kind experience in a lot of ways. Although we have seen a variety of reality dating shows over the past couple of years, there’s something very fresh about this one that will immediately make you intrigued. The Future Diary season 1 encompassed Takuto and Maai’s love story as they meet for the first time and then slowly and surely fall in love.

The Future Diary season 1 was a lot of things and with season 2 coming up on May 17 with brand new faces, I am really intrigued to know what the series will have in store for us this time around. Season 1, although fresh and raw, felt oddly manipulative and voyeuristic. First and foremost, let’s just realise that Takuto and Maai are just so young. I think for reality shows like this to not become totally one-sided, the most important thing should be for the contestants to be a little experienced in their personal lives so that the producers don’t end up manipulating them.

the future diary season 1

And yes, fresh faces feel nice to watch but Maai is only 19 years old and Takuto is 24 years old. First of all, the 5-year age difference feels a bit unnecessary. If you’re going to recruit people for a reality dating show, might as well get two people in similar stages of their lives. Furthermore, both of these kids feel just that – like kids. It’s like watching my tiny siblings get manipulated by the producers into falling in love because that’s exactly what happens. On top of that, the sheer inexperience of the two is quite glaring and concerning, considering the situation.

Another weird unfairness that I noticed was how much gruelling labour Takuto has to go through. It’s almost cruel watching him jumping through hoops for this stranger whom he has just met. Does she go through the same labour (both physical and psychological) to prove her love for him? Not really. It’s weird and cruel watching the producers make these kids without any experience go through absolute hell and play with their feelings.

The Future Diary season 1 ends with Maai and Takuto back in the sunflower field where they had promised to meet a few episodes ago. It’s sweet and when the diary doesn’t give any more instructions, you almost sigh with relief – so now they have a chance to take this relationship forward on their own terms. Although it’s difficult to say whether the two continued their relationship, considering there’s absolutely nothing on their social media, we can always dream.

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the future diary season 1

However, although the first season dealt with two people, surprisingly, The Future Diary season 2 has two men vying for a woman’s attention. Why that is a thing, I don’t really know. But it promises tons of tears and heartbreak. And, hopefully, the participants aren’t kids this time around. Either way, as far as the Youtube description and trailer go, The Future Diary season 2 promises to make the love triangle go through more gruelling cruelty in order for love to blossom… or friendship.

The Future Diary season 2 studio cast will include Chinatsu Wakatsuki, Satoshi Mukai (Panther), Mizuki Itagaki, Miyu Honda and DAIGO.

The Future Diary season 2 release date

Episodes 1-4: May 17th

Episodes 5-6: May 24th

Episodes 7-9: May 31st

The Future Diary Season 2 trailer

Check out The Future Diary on Netflix.

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