The Future Diary Episode 4 Review: Will Maai and Takuto Meet?

The Future Diary is a romantic reality TV show starring Daigo, Taiki Sato, and Saya, alongside other members. The show 4 episodes till now, with (a few?) more on the way. The Future Diary episode 4 has 31 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:

In this reality series, complete strangers meet and receive a diary holding the script to their very own love story. Will true romance follow?

– The Future Diary episode 4 review contains spoilers –

Well, after the extremely sad and unfortunate outcome of the last episode, The Future Diary episode 4 starts with Takuto arriving at the bus station just as Maai leaves on the bus. Does this mean the two won’t ever meet now, according to what the diary said previously?

I mean, come on, we knew it wasn’t over last time, right? It would be counterproductive to create such a big deal only for it to go down the drain. So yes, although it is predictable, it’s still nice when we, and the two love birds, figure out where their next destination is. You wait with bated breath to learn whether they figure out their meeting spot or not.

The Future Diary episode 4
Still From The Future Diary episode 4

And I must say, their destination is absolutely beautiful. The scenery will make up for any ill feelings that you might have with the series for releasing an episode a week later. Either way, their meeting is bitter-sweet and you feel a sense of familiarity with both of their reactions. Honestly, it’s not like other reality TV shows where they make it a point to take things too far. As Maai and Takuto talk on the beach, their normal and somewhat everyday conversation will make you smile.

For those of you who like the drama, The Future Diary episode 4 won’t provide that. It’s a slow and sweet show, one where their conversation makes the most sense – the things that they talk about feel real and something that you will talk to your date about. Their individual conversations with the crew are sweet as well, Maai is absolutely adorable.

As the special occasion planned for the couple kicks off, it’s another set of challenges. One of the challenges is quite risky and something only Takuto has to do. Which, again, I am shocked at how cruel that is. Maai doesn’t have to do these grand gestures for him, just weird “girly” stuff like kissing and hand-holding. How is that fair?

The Future Diary episode 4
Still From The Future Diary episode 4

I think that’s the only big problem I have with The Future Diary. It’s quite sweet and relatable otherwise but is weirdly fixated on making the guy do really taxing gestures to impress the girl when she is already swooning over him. You feel bad for Takuto – jumping off cliffs shouldn’t be the prerequisite for getting the girl. If you’re watching this and feeling inspired, please don’t try these things. It’s totally unnecessary.

The people in the studio, moreover, say the blandest things and again, it’s so annoying for some reason. At one point, they call Takuto’s cliff diving manly – and while I agree that it was brave, I don’t understand why it’s manly. A woman can jump off a cliff too, what’s so manly about it?

Either way, I enjoyed the episode. It’s sweet and ends off on a somewhat cliffhanger, giving us a glimpse of the next episode.

Summing up: The Future Diary episode 4

The Future Diary episode 4
Still From The Future Diary episode 4

The Future Diary episode 4 is sweet and relatable and wins it for me thanks to Maai’s adorable interactions. However, as always, I think it’s unnecessarily cruel to Takuto. The next episode(s) will tell us whether the balance is restored in the “proving one’s love” gestures.

The Future Diary is streaming on Netflix.

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The Future Diary episode 4 is entertaining for very different and relatable reasons.


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