The Future Diary (2021) Review: Diago-Starrer Reality Show is Quite Kawaii

The Future Diary is a romantic reality TV show starring Daigo, Taiki Sato, and Saya, alongside other members. The show has come out with 3 episodes, with 1 more on the way.

Netflix describes the series as:

In this reality series, complete strangers meet and receive a diary holding the script to their very own love story. Will true romance follow?

– The Future Diary review does not contain spoilers –

The Future Diary reality TV show is a reboot of another similar TV series from 1998 and 2002. The series follows a very unique storytelling method where the two protagonists, 19-year-old Maai and 24-year-old Takuto are to meet, fall in love and then part. They are both given a “Future Diary” which focuses on the events of the next day and nothing else. The diary contains the way these two strangers will meet and how they will depart. In the middle, they are meant to fall in love but their story is not supposed to come to fruition.

The Future Diary has an odd premise, one that makes it a head-scratching watch. It’s scripted, but not really. The series feels very unplanned, exactly what they wanted to put forth. The production isn’t flashy and has a very “rough” feel to it. Right off the bat, the first thing that will catch you by surprise is the fact that these two have such a big age difference. It can be a bit off-putting. Apart from the two protagonists, we have DAIGO, Taiki Sato, Saya, Reina Sumi and Natsuna in the studio who discuss whatever is going on in the show.

the future diary

The Future Diary TV show is scripted, as in, the situations are created by the team and given to Maai and Takuto to see what they can do with it. The show is charming, thanks to the couple – they seem really real and nervous, just like how people should feel when they meet someone new and get to know them. It feels quite fresh to see them know each other’s hobbies and interests and walk through different situations together. Their growing closeness will make you smile.

There’s some awkwardness between the couple at first, that is expected from two strangers going on dates, essentially. As they get more diaries and challenges to overcome, their bond is tested. However, do you feel invested in their lives and want them to succeed? I mean, maybe. The Future Diary isn’t as interesting as it wants to be especially because I couldn’t take the diaries seriously after a while. One of the tasks is for two people to push a car for 2 Kms to not be able to enjoy sunflowers – I mean, come on.

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the future diary

The studio parts are the most annoying, to be honest. I don’t understand their point, other than getting some well-known people to reiterate what is going on. That being said, I must say, there’s a weird sort of innocence in the show and with the people. The two seem genuinely innocent and kind-hearted people and their relationship’s trajectory feels very “kawaii”. Some of the activities shown are quite sweet and insightful to watch and there are some moments that will make your heart melt.

The problem I feel with shows like these is that they put two people in situations that are inherently romantic and awkward, so much so that it will make them lean on each other and find comfort. Finding love that lasts a lifetime is difficult. So, I take all such shows with a grain of salt, especially when it tries to tell us that these people are soulmates!

I also don’t understand the tasks given to them. As I said, some moments are really cute and most are to test their compatibility. But for some reason, poor Takuto has to undertake so much of the work in order to win Maai over. I mean, she also helps him out and does stuff for him. But, for some reason, most of it falls on him. It’s a little weird, and honestly, this has happened in reality TV and mainstream media a lot. It’s almost cruel.

Summing up: The Future Diary

the future diary

The Future Diary has 4 very short episodes and takes some time to find its footing. There are some genuinely sweet moments after the initial awkwardness goes away. However, the age gap is a bit difficult to forget and I am curious why they didn’t choose two people closer in age. I like that it’s not flashy like some other reality TV shows. It’s a fresh take at dating and the pair’s excitement and nervousness are really sweet to watch.

The Future Diary is streaming on Netflix.

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The Future Diary claims to get two soulmates, who are strangers, together. So, do they fall in love in the end?

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The Future Diary (2021) Review: Diago-Starrer Reality Show is Quite KawaiiThe Future Diary claims to get two soulmates, who are strangers, together. So, do they fall in love in the end?