The Deep House (2021) Review: Fantastic Until It Isn’t

The Deep House is a supernatural horror film directed by Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury and stars Camille Rowe, James Jagger and Eric Savin, alongside other cast members. The movie is 85 minutes long.

– The Deep House review does not contain spoilers –

YouTubers can be annoying. Really entertaining, but annoying. The exploration YouTubers are probably the most interesting to watch, because you just know that they are either lying for views or are going to get into some trouble somewhere down the line. The Deep House brings those exact sentiments to the limelight.

We have our two protagonists, YouTuber couple Ben and Tina. Ben is the annoying one of the two, doing whatever it takes for views and never happy with where they are, both in life and in terms of views on the streaming platform. It’s interesting to watch him do these things since you, as a viewer, have an inkling that these things happen but always behind the camera.

Anyway, not taking his girlfriend’s words into consideration, he takes her off to investigate a less known area of the lake which turns out to be not something they had hoped for. Pretty soon, it turns rather deadly.

Now, The Deep House does not give away its intention too early into the movie. Until you hit the waters, it all seems casual, sans the creepy guide. The lake itself is creepy as heck and Ben’s casual teasing of his girlfriend about serious stuff doesn’t help. The deep depths of a waterbody is always an area that horrifies me, and the murky waters of the lake are scary to watch.

I think the primary thing that pulled me out of the experience whenever things got too creepy was Ben being an annoying POS. It’s so difficult to concentrate whenever he says something “funny” or “cool” because it’s neither of those things. But then again, I guess that was the point of the film – to showcase how annoying some people can be around others who are distressed.

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As for the story itself, The Deep House gets its surroundings right. I mean, a perfectly preserved house underwater with a designated amount of air? That’s the perfect place to base a horror movie. Plus, this is also a haunted house movie as well. So, you get a mishmash of two genres in one movie. I was honestly creeped out throughout the movie, but the typical horror tropes were a bit much to digest. However, apart from that, this is thrilling and keeps you at the edge of your seat.

There are some moments that feel totally silly, but honestly, The Deep House is absolutely creepy and entertaining. The creators have done a fantastic job at basing the situation underwater instead of doing everything on land. This movie on land would be absolutely boring to watch, not to mention repetitive, but since time’s running out because of the lack of oxygen, it’s thrilling through and through.

The last few minutes of The Deep House, however, with its horrible exposition dump, gets a bit tacky and unnecessary. Along with the silly dialogue, it gets a bit too much. The movie, which does really well throughout most of its runtime turns silly and kinda stupid at the fag end. It’s a shame, honestly. The movie ends on an odd cliffhanger.

After a good run, The Deep House turns into a tacky mess at the end and is almost boring. The cliffhanger was unnecessary because it tries to throwback to the 3-minute thing that Rowe’s character talked about previously that none of us really care about. On the other hand, the supernatural aspect falls flat as well and you’re left with a weird taste in your mouth.

I found James Jagger’s dialogue delivery to be a bit flat sometimes, but Camille Rowe is absolutely fantastic. Her harrowing experience is brought to light well. However, the characters make some horrible decisions that make no sense whatsoever. I understand being motivated by views, but they don’t need to be as dumb as they turned out to be. At least Rowe’s character wasn’t through and through moronic.

Summing up: The Deep House

The Deep House starts off really and you’re invested in the characters and their motivations. However, it goes downhill towards the end and turns into a film that leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Watch this for the unique twist to the haunted house trope and the starting, it’s a decent horror watch on a Friday night.

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The Deep House is a fantastic supernatural horror movie... until it isn't.


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The Deep House (2021) Review: Fantastic Until It Isn'tThe Deep House is a fantastic supernatural horror movie... until it isn't.