The Broken News Ending Explained, Will Zee5 Renew the Show?

Last week, Zee5 released a newsroom drama, The Broken News. Directed by Vijay Waikul, the show stars Sonali Bendre as Amina Qureshi, Shriya Pilgaonkar as Radha Bhargava, and Jaideep Ahlawat as Dipankar Sanyal. TBN is a Hindi adaptation of Mike Bartlett’s British show, Press.

The Broken News Season 1 had 8 episodes in total. Radha, a fierce journalist, works for Awaaz Bharati. Dipankar is a loud and dishonest TV News anchor who works for Josh 24X7. In the end, Radha tries her best to make Dipankar realise the power he has with his channel. She requests him to speak the truth so people can know about Operation Umbrella. However, he does exactly what one expects from a journalist like him.

The Broken News Ending Explained

We learn that via Operation Umbrella, Vectanet company helps politicians keep a tab on people’s conversations and record them. There are recording devices fitted on many phones, laptops, TV which are not easily recognisable. The collected data can be used against any individual/group if they say anything against the government or the politicians.

Radha exposes the evil scheme by Vectanet and the government on the Awaaz Bharati news channel. On the other hand, Dipankar questions Radha’s intentions and talks about his the scheme helps track anti-nationals and terrorists. He doesn’t mince a word while shaming Radha for making the scheme public.

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The word ‘anti-national’ was enough to get Radha arrested for exposing the truth. Before the cops take her away, Radha tells the media that people call her a traitor. But she’s a true patriot as she doesn’t fear telling the truth. The last episode ends with Radha being taken away by the cops and Dipankar’s colleagues cheering him for his coverage of Operation Umbrella.

The Broken News Season 2: Will Zee5 Renew the Show?

The show ended on a cliffhanger with Radha getting arrested. We would also want to see how Radha gets out of the jail and what her next step will be. What will happen to Awaaz Bharati after such a big blow? Will Amina resign? People are still unaware of the big truth that is presented as lies. The founder of Vectanet is still out there. Dipankar Sanyal’s real side is yet to be exposed.

There are a lot of loose ends from season 1. Hence, one can expect Zee5 to renew the show.

Watch The Broken News on Zee5.

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