The Bombardment (2021) Review: Harrowing Account of the Wreckage

The Bombardment (Skyggen i mit øje / The Shadow in My Eye) is certainly not for the faint-hearted. Directed by Ole Bornedal, the movie features his real-life daughter Fanny Bornedal in a pivotal role. The rest of the cast includes Bertram Bisgaard Enevoldsen, Ester Birch, and Ella Josephine Lund Nilsson. The movie runs for approximately 1 hour and 47 minutes.

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The Bombardment is More Real Than You Know

This is an exciting twist on the typical war movie formula, in which we’re given an introduction to all of our characters before they’re thrust into the middle of The Bombardment itself. Instead of being primarily focused on combat situations and soldiers, this film is more about how one disaster affects an entire community over time.

The drama centres on several characters who are affected by the bombing. It shows how far we’ve come in terms of our understanding of war and its consequences, as well as being able to empathise with those who have been through it.

The Bombardment (2021) Review: Harrowing Account of the Wreckage

This film is set in a time and place explored on-screen many times before, but this movie has a fresh take on the subject matter. It’s based on actual events and tells a story that hasn’t been told before.

The film shows how quickly things change during the war and how people react when their lives are put at risk. The school bombing made everyone realise that no one was safe from an attack.

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A Unique Exploration of the Aftermath is Depicted in The Bombardment

It was refreshing to watch a film that depicts the different reactions and emotions of people caught in a bombing, rather than focusing on war’s political and military facets. In just two hours, we get to see how quickly things change in combat. Friends become enemies. Men are forced from their homes, families are split up, children are abandoned, and worse. In one scene, a father is seen leaving his family behind.

However, we also witness the good that comes from tragedy, particularly the help offered by ordinary citizens (often overlooked). It’s easy to forget that people living during wartime didn’t choose to be there; they were just caught in it like everyone else.

The Bombardment (2021) Review: Harrowing Account of the Wreckage

Although it’s not quite as powerful as Dunkirk or Saving Private Ryan, The Bombardment is still worth watching if you like war films or Danish cinema. This is a story of the immediate aftermath of a bombing that shouldn’t have happened and its repercussions. The film starts with the explosion itself, followed by brief shots of people in the city nearby. These ordinary citizens go about their daily lives until they hear the explosion or see smoke rising from the school building. Then they rush to help.

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The Bombardment Shows a Horrific Event in the History of Copenhagen

The Bombardment‘s ending is bittersweet but far from tragic. It’s worth watching if you enjoy war dramas or historical fiction set during World War II. But this story isn’t just about what happened during WWII. It is also about how quickly things change in war and how little we think about our actions at times like these. The film depicts a snapshot of all conflicts’ suffering and how quickly things change in war.

This movie is unique in that it’s not about a significant event or battle but rather something that could’ve happened anywhere during WWII. It’s also a reminder of just how fragile life can be and how much power we have over those around us when we declare war on each other.

The Bombardment (2021) Review: Harrowing Account of the Wreckage

The film depicts how quickly things change in war and how many people are affected. It’s hard to see anyone suffer, but when kids lose their lives because of something they were utterly unaware of happening? That’s another level of heart-breaking.

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Stream It or Skip It?

The Bombardment isn’t an easy film to watch, but it’s a movie that needs to be seen. It’s a reminder of the devastation of war and how much it affects everyone: not just the soldiers but those who have nothing to do with the conflict. All they want is to live their lives but are caught up in something beyond their control.

The Bombardment is out on Netflix.

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The Bombardment is a story of the immediate aftermath of a bombing that shouldn't have happened and its repercussions.


  1. A very moving story which had me in tears. There are so many messages in this film. Bravo to the cast especially the children they were great! ❤

  2. So brillantly portrayed i was so drawn to the whole story .I cant stop thinking about how tragic all the events that lead to this awful mistake

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The Bombardment is a story of the immediate aftermath of a bombing that shouldn't have happened and its repercussions.The Bombardment (2021) Review: Harrowing Account of the Wreckage