The Best 2021 Horror Movies: Till Death, Titane and More

It’s the time to be merry and happy. With Christmas right around the corner, there might just be some of us who want to watch something other than mushy Christmas movies to pass the time. And if feeling the chills and thrills of horror movies is what gets you going, then this list of the best 2021 horror movies will keep you occupied throughout the last few days of the month.

Of course, these horror movies are in no particular order and neither is it an exhaustive list. This best 2021 horror movie list has movies that are a little out there and do not follow the usual tropes of horror movies. So, if you want to find something other than Conjuring and similar movies, then you might find your next favourite horror movie here!


Most people have been dying to watch Antlers since it was announced. But, thanks to the pandemic, we got to see it this year. And what a watch it was. This tense and gripping drama-horror film slowly creates a horrifying story… well, until it’s not slow anymore. With lots of gore and a pinch of abuse, Antlers is a 2021 horror movie that will creep you out thoroughly.

Watch it here.

The Night House

The Night House is an extremely unsettling movie, one that sticks with you from the first moment. The movie, starring horror regular Rebecca Hall and directed by The Ritual’s David Bruckner (who is also coming out with the new Hellraiser) is a deeply disturbing ride that will keep you on the uncomfortable edge of your seat. Also, one that will make you wish to stay single, preferably forever.

Watch it here.

The Deep House

Deeply confusing The Deep House is also plain disturbing. Although I wasn’t a huge fan of the ending, which was goofy at best and stupid at worst, it’s still a worthy watch, if for nothing else than for its amazing cinematography and camerawork and its genre-bending storyline.

Read the review here.

False Positive

Essentially a hash between Rosemary’s Baby and Hereditary, this 2021 horror movie throws pregnancy into the disturbing body horror category, one that really does, probably, belong there. It talks about feminism, misogyny, workplace sexism and how women are given so little agency in their own lives. Thus, when Lucy’s life starts to crumble around her, thanks to the gaslighting of those who are close to her, you feel a deep sense of foreboding and uneasiness. Although there are moments that might be too slow to generate interest, the movie still manages to deeply unsettle you with its crazy storyline.


Raw’s Julia Ducournau is back with another batshit crazy movie that is about a woman and cars. I feel like anything more I say about Titane would be a spoiler, and that would destroy the whole point of this movie. This is an uncomfortable, confusing and very surreal watch that requires you to stick it out it till the end, and then some more, to truly comprehend it. Well, a couple of more watches don’t hurt either.


A horror story for all ages, Nightbooks was the surprise breakthrough movie of the year. The story is about Alex who must tell scary stories every night to survive in a witch’s home. It’s a family entertainer with some really fun and scary moments to keep the little ones engaged and the older generation thinking. It also gives a nice message to follow your dreams and never give up on your passions, regardless of what that is. There’s something to learn here for everyone and might just inspire the older generation to find themselves as well.

Watch it here.

Till Death

Till Death reminded me of Gerald’s Game, but with Megan Fox. Emma is stuck in a stale marriage and on a getaway with her husband, wakes up to find herself handcuffed to his dead body. You know how well that is going to go. Fox gives a good performance and the story is engaging enough to give you all the shocks and thrills. It’s predictable, sure, but still manages to hold its own thanks to Fox’s wonderful portrayal of a resilient woman trying to save herself from predators.

Watch the movie here.

The Boy Behind the Door

Two children getting abducted already tells of a horrible tale. However, when there’s abuse involved, along with these boys trying to survive some horribly uncomfortable situations, it’s rough. The tension, foreboding and horrible insinuations of the film will push you to watch it till the end and wish that it culminates into something positive. You won’t be able to look away from this 2021 horror movie.

Watch the movie here.

My Heart Can’t Beat Unless You Tell It To

This 2021 horror movie is just so uncomfortable. Ok, it’s more of a family drama than anything else. But for those of you who like vampires but not filling the familiar tropes, then this is it. This movie is just plain heartbreaking, sad and uncomfortable. Watching a family try to keep everything together and then watching it fall apart slowly is devastating and nothing short of a horror story. The characters and their deep issues, how they go about them and how all of their miseries culminate is shocking, heartbreaking and uncomfortable, all at once.

Watch the movie here.

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