The Batman Suit: Comparing Robert Pattinson, Ben Affleck, Christian Bale and Michael Keaton

The evolution of the Batman Suit, or Batsuit as it is known more commonly, has been as constant as the Batman live adaption movies. A DC character that can go on to live forever with every reboot, has provided us with countless films over the last few decades. Yet with the incoming of every Batman movie, the speculation about the suit, the automobile and which iconic villain will decide to show up this time never ends.

The Batsuit, even though changes from time to time with every Batman story, has some essential features that include a black-grey bodysuit with the chest emblazoned with a black bat (might even have a yellow ellipse around it), a wide cape, gloves, boots, tight-fitting half-faced cowl and the iconic utility belt that is the hub of all the special gadgets. Keeping these key aspects in mind, let us have a look at the four most popular actors who donned the suit and, which one was the best!

The Batman Suit: Who Wore It the Best?

Michael Keaton in Batman (1989)

Keaton’s Batsuit is the most faithful adaption of the iconic suit. Starting from the comic-accurate bright yellow ellipse around the black bat symbol to the wide scalloped cape with a perfect cowl, Micheal Keaton’s suit to date stands out as the best out of the lot. It also showed DC’s favourite hero in a more muscle toned look rather than being armour-toned, something which is rare and true. Sure, it wasn’t as functional or gadget-friendly as Bale or Affleck’s in the upcoming movies, but it surely did its work as creating an air of vengeance.

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Christian Bale in The Dark Knight (2008)

Yes, even though Keaton’s suit is surely the most comic-accurate one, it is Christian Bale’s suit that is the most practical and functional out of the lot. This particular suit even addressed the previous concern of the suit from Batman Begins (2005), where Bale couldn’t move his head. The suit in The Dark Knight was not only lightweight but, also was the first where a cowl was completely separate from the neck and the body.

The only drawback, of course, could be that the bat symbol might seem lost in the all-black attire. However, given how Batman is the hero to take on the role of the vigilante and, protect the city from Harvey Dent’s truth, it only makes sense that he does not draw much attention to his symbol on the suit.

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Ben Affleck in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

Paying tribute to the sensational The Dark Knight Returns comics, Ben Affleck suit was hulking and imposing with an air that can only be around the creature of the night. The suit fit rightly into the black and grey colour scheme generated by the comics and, the bat symbol spread widely across the chest fit in well too. Of course, the suit lacked its own sense of originality. Yet it surely stands out as one of the most well-remembered suits in cinema history.

Robert Pattinson in The Batman (2022)

Pattinson’s suit has the right about of vulnerability in it with a veil of sinisterness that is reflected perfectly given Matt Reeves’ upcoming DCU film is going to cover Bruce Wayne’s early days in his crime-fighting career. The cowl ears are pointy and look like spikes, which is a welcome change from the longer ones we have been seeing for generations. The bat symbol surely holds a deeper meaning it seems, when we especially refer to the trailer shot.

However, the collar on the batman suit is a big no-no and, the chest plate seems too heavy and mechanical and, does not gel in well with the cape. Yet a final verdict cannot be imposed on Robert Pattinson’s suit given the film isn’t out yet and, whatever glimpses we have gotten are not enough to reach a solid decision.

You can check out the trailer for the 2022 film The Batman, here. The film is set to release on March 4, 2022.

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