The 7 Lives of Lea Review: Raika Hazanavicius in a Thrilling Murder Mystery

The 7 Lives of Lea (Les 7 vies de Léa) is a French teen mystery/fantasy thriller series released on Netflix on 28 April 2022. The series is created by Charlotte Sanson, starring Raika Hazanavicius, Khalil Gharbia, Marguerite Thiam Donnadieu, Théo Fernandez, Maïra Schmitt and Rebecca Williams. As the name suggests there are exactly 7 episodes in total with a runtime of about 40-50 minutes each.

It is based on the book The 7 Lives of Léo Belami by Nataël Trapp, which was released in 2019. Although there are a few changes in the screen adaptation, like Leo is Lea, but overall the story is the same. The series is available in French & English audio with subtitles for the same.

Netflix describes the series as:

“After finding a young man’s remains, Léa wakes up in the 90s and body swaps seven times as she tries to solve the mystery of his death — and prevent it.”

-The 7 Lives of Lea Review Does Not Contain Any Spoilers-

Plot: Teenage Dread, Drugs, Murder & Some Fantasy

The series starts with the scene of 17-year old Lea partying near a river but still feeling lonely in the crowd. To fill the emptiness inside her, she drinks more, gets some drugs and tries to find a peaceful place. That’s when she finds a skeleton near the riverside, the only thing identifiable is the silver bracelet on the skeleton’s wrist. From here on Lea’s life is completely turned upside down as whenever she sleeps, she wakes up in 1991 but in a different body every time.

Every episode title is the date on which Lea wakes up 30 years in the past, i.e 1991. The first time she time travels in her sleep, she wakes up in the body of Ismael, whose remains were found. Whenever she goes back to sleep, she wakes up in her present body. It’s like living a double life, she goes about her day as herself, Lea. But at night time she somehow finds herself in 1991 in a new body.

All the bodies that Lea wakes up in are somehow connected to Ismael. But why would someone kill him and what could be the motive? Lea tries to solve this mystery by looking for clues in the past and the present but will she be successful? Will life change its course or destiny will play out as intended?

Great Storytelling With The Right Pace

Is it the best series that I have watched in a while? Then my answer would be, it definitely is! If we talk about the plot then it really is a simple plot but the way it is presented and how the details intertwine & slowly revealed step by step makes the series very engaging and thrilling till the end minute. The main theme of the story is the teenage dream or dread, depending on which end of the spectrum you are.

The 7 Lives of Lea characters

Meanwhile, some people have their whole life planned while some are lost and the thought of their future with all the changes can be daunting. Will they be able to realise their dreams or find their true calling, depends on the decisions they make. I mean living in this century, nobody really is untouched by an existential crisis.

There are moments when we feel absolutely stuck in our lives and find ways to escape that feeling. That could be through alcohol, drugs or music. In the series, music is a binding factor for all the characters, be it in the present or the past. Lea uses music as an escape from her standstill life and Ismael uses it as his outlet for self-expression & freedom.

Now, what makes this series different from other time travel based stories is that our main character does not get trapped in the past and the main plot motivation is to get back to their body. Instead every night Lea has a chance to live a completely different life than yesterday. It also helps the viewers to get to know the point of view of different characters involved in Ismael’s life, without the typical narration or flashbacks that are widely usually.

Every character has its own life story, dilemma and emotions which add layers to the main plot and make the characters come to life. Of course, the acting by the cast gets credit for that but we can’t ignore the elaborate character sketch and connected subplots that makes them shine.

Lea in The 7 lives of lea

Final Thoughts: Stream it or Skip it?

Netflix’s The 7 Lives of Lea should be definitely streamed. I expected the series to be a bit comical with body swaps between male & female bodies and coming to terms with their personal lives. Instead, the series is impactful, emotional and highly nuanced with seamless production. Through the element of fantasy, it uplifts the story from being another suspense thriller.

By living the different lives, the story broadens the perspective of Lea and subtly talks about various topics like sexuality, toxic masculinity and racism through its subplots. Every character is given enough screen time that gives a better understanding of the world that the characters live in. Be it the retro 90s or the 2021 GenZ culture, the intrinsic details and the dialogues tells us a lot about the social norms or culture of that time.

However, there could be some opinions about its ending and could be questioned if it was the best choice to end it like that? Some could see it as a happy ending or a tragic one. But overall the series brings something new to the fantasy genre without making it complicated. If you are looking for something to binge-watch then The 7 Lives of Lea is a perfect choice.

The 7 Lives of Lea is streaming on Netflix.

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The 7 Lives of Lea is a 7 part fantasy thriller series on Netflix. It follows the life of Lea who wakes up in different bodies, 30 years in the past. Why is it happening and will she be able to solve this mystery before time runs out?

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The 7 Lives of Lea is a 7 part fantasy thriller series on Netflix. It follows the life of Lea who wakes up in different bodies, 30 years in the past. Why is it happening and will she be able to solve this mystery before time runs out? The 7 Lives of Lea Review: Raika Hazanavicius in a Thrilling Murder Mystery