Taylor Swift’s All Too Well the Short Film Review: Touching Old Memories

The short film on All Too Well (Taylor’s Version) is finally out and it leaves you maddeningly sentimental. Swift, who just re-released her entire album from 2012 Red is the writer and director of this short film, starring Stranger Things alumni Sadie Sink and Maze Runner star Dylan O’Brien. Japanese-Korean-British cinematographer Rina Yang has lent her lens to this project. The film is linked to the timeline of the relationship when Taylor Swift was dating Guilty actor Jake Gyllenhaal.

Red (Taylor’s Version) came out on November 12, 2021, as a product of reclaiming the masters for her own records which Big Machine records sold to Ithaca Holdings LLC, owned by music manager Scooter Braun without Taylor’s Consent. The initial Red album was produced as a comeback to her then ex-boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal, whose relationship with Taylor comes undone in a new 10-minute version of the song in the re-recorded album.

All Too Well: The Short Film: Memory Lane

Premiered at 5:30 AM IST, the video starts with a quote from Pablo Neruda saying: “Love is so short, forgetting is so long”, hinting towards how Taylor & rumoured character in-question Jake Gyllenhaal only spent a brief time dating (3 months) but, their relationship did leave an impactful impression on Taylor, both her younger and older self. The film is shot with a 35mm lens giving it a feel of looking into the past.

All Too Well the short film is divided into 4 segments, each depicting different stages of the relationship between a couple played by Sadie (19) and Dylan (30) starting from the first time the duo met to the golden memories they made to the breaking point when everything fell apart. The film is also layered with dialogues to give it a touch of originality and show how situations look from both sides of a coin giving us the emotions of the girl and the attitude of the boy.

Sadie Sink wearing Taylor Swift’s shoes is particularly fascinating as she represents the Fearless singer so accurately, be it the wavy hair, the red lipstick or fittingly feeling out place in the big world. By the end, Taylor makes her cameo in the clip giving us a look at a ginger version of her light blonde hair.

You can watch All Too Well the Short Film below:

Filled with easter eggs and more detailed insight about her short served relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal, All Too Well (Taylor’s Version) has added new lyrics and meaning to her old classic making it all the more ingenious. The actors have beautifully slipped on the cloak to play real-life characters and done it so well that at times it feels as real the relationship shared between Swift and Gyllenhaal.

Meanwhile, you can stream the entire Red (Taylor’s Version) album on Spotify now.

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