Netflix’s Swap Shop (2021) Review: Insightful Yet a Little Boring

Swap Shop is a reality show that shares insights and behind the scenes of the process of cracking a deal. The series is based on Rogersville’s radio show called Swap Shop. It is produced by Rob Shaftel and Jerry Carita. The radio show went on for decades and is still popular among the viewers. It has 6 episodes in total. Each episode runs for around 28-33 minutes.

-Swap Shop review does not contain spoilers-

It involves selling and purchasing various items like cars, comics, statues, antiques, and much more. I found the show very deep and insightful as it gave me loads of information about how the world of trade actually works.

Swap Shop is a show which is derived from the Rogersville radio show. In the radio show, the items up for selling or buying are announced on air along with the person’s phone number. And from there it is all left up to the listeners, whether they want to sell or purchase an item or not.

The concept of the show Swap Shop is very similar to that of Pawn Stars and Storage Wars. The only thing that’s different about this series is that it emphasizes on buying and selling system that existed before the arrival of Netflix. In each episode, you will witness new people with diverse objects and items. It displays that one’s loss is another’s profit. If one has a great interest in antiques and artefacts then it’s the perfect show for them. It’s all about trade, sale, and barter.

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An image from Swap Shop
A still from Swap Shop

The show will be a great treat for a person who loves history and culture as it introduces you to a lot of distinct things. It explains to you the whole process of selling and buying an item that is shared through the airwaves. It also shows how bargaining plays a very essential factor in any purchase. As everyone wants to earn profit at the end of the day, no one would like to face loss.

One thing that I liked about the show is that it teaches you new things like tips and tricks regarding how one can purchase or sell an item. Swap Show displays people selling and buying items that they like and think are of some value. The purchase is made when the seller and buyer arrive at the same page.

For some people, these items carry sentimental value as well, while others are focused on selling and purchasing items in order to gain some handsome profit. The show is also known as Swap Shop Dash For Cash. An individual who loves talking about history and art would like the show.

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Netflix's Swap Shop (2021) Review: Insightful Yet a Little Boring
A still from Swap Shop

Summing Up: Swap Shop

Swap Shop is a good show consisting of tiny pieces of humour and heart. While finishing the last leg of the show it became a little boring for me, as the format is just the same and I got an idea about what is going to happen. It somewhat lacks the thrill and some action. But apart from that, it’s a feel-good show.

If you enjoy watching different types of shows then you can surely give Swap Shop a watch. It’s a show that will keep you engaged and introduce you to some unique objects that are just fascinating in their way. All these objects have some value which depends on how old they are, what’s their current condition and some other factors as well.

Swap Shop is streaming on Netflix.

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Swap Shop is a show that revolves around selling and buying of items.

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Swap Shop is a show that revolves around selling and buying of items.Netflix's Swap Shop (2021) Review: Insightful Yet a Little Boring