Sutliyan (2022) Review: Plabita Borthakur, Vivaan Shah Series is Sweet as Sugar

Sutliyan is a drama TV series starring Plabita Borthakur, Shiv Panditt, Ayesha Raza, Vivaan Shah and Sunil Sinha, alongside other cast members. The series has a runtime of around 25 minutes per episode.

Zee5 describes the series as:

A heart-warming tale of an estranged family struggling to deal with their troubled past and unresolved conflicts. What will happen when the siblings gather under one roof for Diwali?

– Sutliyan review does not contain spoilers –

Diwali is the time for families to get together. It’s a time for fun, games and happiness and also a time when estranged families are forced together to play happy. Sutliyan is a series that starts on similar veins. This family isn’t estranged, per se, but there’s definitely discord and tension in the air. But first, though, the series is a light-hearted look at families going through something difficult.

Another series that focuses on COVID and the implications of losing someone in such a gruesome way. It’s one thing to get it and get better, but it’s another thing to not be able to say goodbye to your loved ones. It causes irreparable damage to the people who are left behind and that’s something that Sutliyan brings forward. The grief that these people go through is evident in the way that each of these characters interacts with each other and process their feelings.


There’s an air of discomfort throughout the runtime among the characters and it rings heavy in the air. You feel heartbroken for the characters, each with their own way of dealing with the grief as well as their own motivations to come back home after so many years. Their ageing mother, too, deals with her own form of heartbreak and grief, which comes out in bursts but, like all mothers, loves and takes care of her children regardless.

There’s a certain sense of disconnect in Sutliyan that, weirdly, feels genuine. You expect people who have gone through a life-altering situation to have a certain amount of anger, agitation and disconnect. However, do they all find themselves at the end of it? That, probably, is the real question. Apart from that, the short series keeps it light and simple. There are no flashy things happening every five minutes. If anything, it feels like everyday life. It’s relatable, almost possible.

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Although all of the characters have their own quirks and are quite annoying sometimes, you connect with them. They feel real, like this can be you at some point maybe. There’s a simple charm to the show that reels you in and keeps you there. It’s nothing major, honestly. But whatever it is, it’s quite adorable.

Apart from the story and the light-hearted, and sometimes heavy, approach to life, the actors playing these characters, too, are pretty great. To be honest, all of these are seasoned actors so that’s not surprising. Either way, though, the actors bring forth the annoying and charming characters that make this series a nice watch.

Summing up: Sutliyan


Sutliyan is a sweet series that deals with grief and a lot of things regarding everyday life. Although it’s nothing mind-blowing but it is definitely a sweet watch and one that will pull at your heartstrings once or twice.

Sutliyan is streaming on Zee5.

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Zee5's Sutliyan is a sweet and simple TV show about family, grief and connecting with your loved ones.

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Zee5's Sutliyan is a sweet and simple TV show about family, grief and connecting with your loved ones.Sutliyan (2022) Review: Plabita Borthakur, Vivaan Shah Series is Sweet as Sugar