Summertime Season 3 Review: Netflix’s Italian Show Offers Nothing Interesting in the Finale

Summertime Season 3 stars Coco Rebecca Edogamhe as Summer Bennati, Ludovico Tersigni as Ale, Amanda Campania as Sofia, Andrea Lattanzi as Dario, mparo Piñero as Lola, Giovanni Maini as Edo, Alice Ann Edogamhe as Blue Bennati, Lucrezia Guidone as Rita, and many others. The final season has 8 episodes of 45-50 minutes and is directed by Francesco Lagi and Alessandro Tonda. The Italian show on Netflix is available in English subtitles and dubbing.

The synopsis reads, “Another summer, another string of love triangles as the group navigates their passions and tests the boundaries of friendship.”

Summertime Season 3 Review Contains Mild Spoilers

In Summertime Season 3, Dario and Rita are getting closer, Summer and Ale are still distant, Summer and Sofia aren’t truly on talking terms yet, and Summer’s sister Blue is going through romantic confusion. As usual, there are parties, music and a chill life at Cesenatico. But are all the faces happy amid the fancy lights and set-up?

In season 2, Ale and Summer didn’t end up together. In Summertime Season 3, things haven’t improved between them. The two are not on the same page anymore. The couple lost their spark after the first season. So it makes sense that the makers had no interest in showing any good chemistry between the two.

Ale wants to make things right with Lola. Summer wants to make things right with Ale. There’s a new character who has fallen for Summer. In the parallel storyline, Dario and Rita also face some issues in their relationship. Sofia, Edo and Blue deal with their issues.

The problem I always had with the show was how unlikeable the lead character, Summer, has always been. There’s a reason Sofia had a fallout with her in season 2. But what’s sad is Summer still hasn’t changed. She cannot think about anything beyond herself and can’t see through what others around her are going through, including her sister. Yet, a self-involved character like her does let go of something. But you wonder, did it ever belong to her in the first place?

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Summertime Season 3 still 1

The story of Netflix’s Summertime Season 3 is quite average. The music is enjoyable, the locations are beautiful, and the star cast is good-looking. The show lost its essence in season 2 by adding multiple narratives. They committed the same mistake in season 3. Edo’s plot felt very disconnected from the entire show. It’s like the makers didn’t care about him till the end.

The only storyline that seemed worth watching was between Dario and Rita, Ale and Lola and Blue’s confusion. Summer was sidelined as the character. Sadly, she has shown no growth or didn’t have any interesting characteristics to capture your attention. Everyone around her is moving ahead while she’s still stuck on a boy who doesn’t truly show interest in her. The show is unnecessarily stretched for 8 episodes. It could’ve easily ended in 5 episodes.

Summertime Season 3 Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, Ale and Summer fans will be left with a bittersweet feeling at the Summertime final season. However, it’s just an average series that didn’t offer anything great in terms of storytelling, emotions and characters. The poetic ‘finding yourself’ climax is overdone in many shows or movies and has been better.

The final season of Summertime is now streaming on Netflix.

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Summertime Season 3 Review: The Italian teenage drama ends up being an average affair.


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