Summertime 2 Review: Kiss, Party And Breakup

Summertime 2 starring Coco Rebecca Edogamhe, Ludovico Tersigni, Amanda Campana, Andrea Lattanzi, and Giovanni Maini is out on Netflix. Francesco Lagi and Lorenzo Sportiello have directed the Italian romantic series based on the book Three Meters Above the Sky by Federico Moccia. There are eight episodes of 40-45 minutes each.

In the previous season, Ale (Ludovico Tersigni) and Summer (Coco Rebecca Edogamhe) break up as the former has to go to Spain (Barcelona) as his parents want him to become a top bike racer. So if you think Summertime 2 starts on a sad note due to the breakup, you are mistaken.

The first episode shows that Summer is now dating one of her best friends Edo (Giovanni Maini). It’s the end of school life, and the love birds apply to the same college in Paris. On the other hand, Ale has found love too in a girl named Lola. The duo shares the same interest in racing which was missing in Summer.

At first, you believe that Summer is indeed over Ale and happy with Edo. But when Ale returns to the town, her feelings get control of her. Her best friend Sofia (Amanda Campana) is going through a painful heartbreak yet again. She’s my most favourite character, and I don’t know why the makers can’t make her happy even once! Dario (Andrea Lattanzi) also meets a pretty woman but his love story ain’t easy either.

Summertime 2 Review
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So what will happen once Ale and Summer meet again? What will be the conclusion of her relationship with Edo? There are problems in Summer’s parents’ marriage again. So there’s more stress in her life. Due to Summer’s irrational behaviour and how she keeps changing partners, Sofia also distances herself from her best friend. If you think you will get all the answers, you are wrong. Without telling everything in my Summertime 2 review, let me give you a heads-up that the latest season has shown more messed up relationships than the first one.

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Just like the first season, Summertime 2 is a visual treat. There’s beautiful cinematography, good-looking characters, amazing music and steamy chemistry between on-screen couples. But in terms of story, there was hardly any development. Summer and Ale seem to have lost so much connection that you don’t root for them anymore.

Usually, when two lovers break up in a series and date others, you still wish that they get together in the end, no matter what! That’s what we saw in Friends with Ross-Rachel and in The Office for Jim-Pam. But that’s not the case in this Netflix series. In an attempt to show messed up teenagers in love, the writers have littered the storyline. But the actors played their part well, and some new characters are introduced too.

Summertime 2: Is it worth watching?

Netflix's Summertime 2 Review
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Overall, the second season is yet another development in the story with no proper conclusion. Some characters in the show just party, hook up, break up and remain confused about what they really want. The beaches and party scenes are lovely, and the actors look hot AF. But in terms of story, it lacks lustre. Keep your expectations low as it’s not as interesting as the first season.

Summertime 2 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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Summertime 2 gives us hot characters but the story last lustre.

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