Stranger Things 4 Vol 1: Characters Who Die This Season

Stranger Things 4 Vol 1 was released on Netflix on Friday. Created by Duffer Brothers, the show stars Millie Bobby Brown, Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Finn Wolfhard, Caleb McLaughlin, Gaten Matarazzo, Noah Schnapp, Joe Keery, Charlie Heaton, Natalie Dyer, Maya Hawke, Joseph Quinn and others. The show introduced us to several new characters.

The new threat in Hawkins town is called Vecna. Vecna targets people who live in any kind of guilt. Before attacking and killing them, Vecna tells them that he’s freeing them from their pain. We witnessed the death of some characters because of Vecna. The article contains MAJOR spoilers, so read it only if you are okay with knowing what happened.

Stranger Things 4
Still from Stranger Things 4

Who Died in Stranger Things 4?


The first character to die this season is Chrissy. Vecna attacks Chrissy when she’s at Eddie’s trailer. Before attacking Chrissy, Vecna shows her visuals about her parents.

Stranger Things 4 Still 1


After Chrissy’s death, Nancy and her fellow school reporter Fred head to the trailer where Chrissy died. The cops are investigating the case, and Eddie, who’s absconding, is the main suspect. When Nancy is away talking to someone about the case, Fred walks toward the forest. Unfortunately, the Vecna reminds Fred about something he’s been guilty of and kills him.

Stranger Things 4 Still 2

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One of Lucas’ Basketball team players Patrick is also killed by Vecna. He’s the last person Vecna (in his evil form) manages to kill in season 4. Vecna attacks Patrick when he’s out with other boys to find Eddie.

Stranger Things 4 Still 3

Vecna even tries to kill Sadie Sink’s character Max. Max feels guilty for not being able to do anything when the Mind Flayer possessed/killed her brother Billy. However, her friends save her life by finding out a way to avoid getting killed by the monster.

Well, these are the characters who die in Stranger Things 4 Vol 1. The current season has only 7 episodes of more than an hour. The series ends on major cliffhangers.

What do you think of the latest season? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. sorry but im kinda bored, im at episode 4 now and nothing happen thats make me want to watch this anymore, EL with no power yet so bored, stupid crasy pycho soccer guys hunting them down, cops are bad as always in any show and movie, they dont belive a word so the hunting the good guy, 1 eps was killing kids and stuff, the other was about ouer favoritte contry RUSSIA with tourtur and bullshit talking, and god lord nobody wants to stop talking its like 80% of every eps so far, bored bored bored, if this is the last stranger things ever, then they failed in my book, they could cut the episodesin half make the show looooonger, 1 hour is too long to my taste, 1 houer with talking…. and the new monster is boring, it dosen do anything the humen world, just sitting in upside down and trys to look scary, this getting so far from me a: 2 star out of 5.

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