P.O.W. -Bandi Yuddh Ke Review: Strong Performances by the Stellar Cast

We often talk about how television in India is going through a sea change, transitioning from being a massive production house to becoming an important content provider. And there’s no doubt that Indian television has struck the right social chord, bridging almost all forms of societal imbalance. P.O.W. –Bandi Yuddh Ke is filled with riveting performances.

Bandi Yuddh Ke review does not contain any spoilers

While I was genuinely excited when I heard about the theme and the plot, it was a little strange that there hasn’t been any prisoner-of-war (POW) based movies or shows in India around the time this mini-series was first released.

Bandi Yuddh Ke Misses Its Potential to be a Breakthrough

The thing with P.O.W.- Bandi Yuddh Ke is that it chooses to play safe, at least in the early hours of its running. It has a great premise that its writers clearly understand; however, the pilot script fails to realize its full potential because our attention remains on the suspense surrounding some core characters rather than experiencing them.

P.O.W.- Bandi Yuddh Ke is a war drama television serial that aired on Star Plus. It has been critically successful and has won many accolades for the cast and crew involved in the project. The pivotal scenes incite a series of teary moments that leave you drenched in awe and amazement and one which heralds the beginning of a happy ending to a compelling saga that warms the hearts from within.

P.O.W. -Bandi Yuddh Ke Review: Strong Performances by the Stellar Cast

The show’s very premise revolves around the emotional reunion of the protagonists played by Purab Kohli and Satyadeep Mishra. They’re the prisoners of war who reunite with their family after an ordeal of 17 years and are called Sartaaj Singh and Imaan Khan, respectively.

It also happens to be one of the weakest scenes – mainly because it is poorly executed. This scene should have been poignant where we see both sides trying to deal with circumstances beyond their control. Sartaaj and Imaan’s inability to communicate for seventeen years is profoundly unsettling and leaves us hanging in limbo.

P.O.W. –Bandi Yuddh Ke is a Praiseworthy Adaptation

It’s not just the central characters who seem isolated from one another; their backstories and histories have been hermetically sealed within each episode. It’s the single most inconsequential example of a TV network destroying a golden opportunity for artistic destiny.

P.O.W. -Bandi Yuddh Ke Review: Strong Performances by the Stellar Cast

Adapting Gideon Raff’s acclaimed Israeli TV drama Hatufim, which also gave birth to its American edition, Homeland, Star Plus entrusted the responsibility to Nikhil Advani to helm the show and connect with the young audiences are not interested in soapy dramas emerging out of the kitchen. The story is about a group of POWs who find it tough to adjust back into civilized society after returning home from war.

With laudable intentions and obvious pointers in that direction, Bandi Yuddh Ke starts on a confused note before it finally settles down to its purpose. The dramatic erosion will wear you down (and possibly make you angry), and you will feel the show does not belong to the same bracket of other drama shows which have gained popularity for presentation and treatment.

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Bandi Yuddh Ke is a Medley of Melodrama and Breaking Stereotypes

But suppose you can forgive this seriocomic-melodrama bordering on absurd and appreciate intent over delivery. In that case, you will realize this is an honest effort to bring to light the menace of warring nations.

The media, particularly television, has its pleasures. It is fast-paced and accessible and appeals to all age groups but can sometimes go overboard with its portrayal of women. So when a channel presents a show that says it will offer something different, it is worth trying. It could be an effort to gain a new audience or reflect changing attitudes in society.

P.O.W. -Bandi Yuddh Ke Review: Strong Performances by the Stellar Cast

Bandi Yuddh Ke achieves it through the powerful storytelling depicted by Sandhya Mridul and Amrita Puri. Though their story arcs are stereotypical, the build-up is promising, and their courageous, who fight to break free from male chauvinism and inequity, are unafraid to seek freedom.

In today’s world, where entertainment is a prerequisite for our daily lives, we’ve seen many such shows claiming to give you something different. Be it the story, the acting or just taking you down another lane altogether, each show has tried to be something new and fresh for its particular time slot. This past week, when Bandi Yuddh Ke was aired on the Star Plus network, many Indians watched a show that could be classified as one of the best in the past.

Stream It Or Skip It?

The show starts with a very different note from what one is accustomed to, as the story’s backdrop is an India that hasn’t been seen before on television. It is a strong starting point and introduces you to the basics of the show. What makes it a success, though, are the people behind it; who give it that realistic and human touch.

Through the maze of soaps, reality shows, and entertainment shows on Indian television in the heyday, the characters truly deserve your time, if not the endless saga of family drama.

P.O.W. -Bandi Yuddh Ke is streaming on MXPlayer.

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Bandi Yuddh Ke is clean without too much fuss, but what makes it a success are the people behind it.

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Bandi Yuddh Ke is clean without too much fuss, but what makes it a success are the people behind it.P.O.W. -Bandi Yuddh Ke Review: Strong Performances by the Stellar Cast