Spy x Family Episode 3 Review: Failure Is Unacceptable

It is time to prepare for the interview, as Yor and Loid are just as much on the hook as Anya in Spy x Family Episode 3. Let’s see how Anya adjusts to her new mother in this review!

Spy x Family Episode 3 Overview

Spy x Family Episode 3 Title

Spy x Family, sometimes stylised as SpyxFamily, is an action and comedy anime based on a manga written by Tatsuya Endou and serialised in Shounen Jump+. The manga quickly became among the magazine’s most popular ongoing properties, and thus, an anime adaptation was inevitable. The anime adaptation is being tackled by Studios Wit and CloverWorks, and it would be an insult to your intelligence as anime fans to tell you the shows these two studios have made. You are already well aware.

The anime is being directed by Kazuhiro Furuhashi, who has previously served the same position in shows such as Dororo, HunterxHunter (1999), and Rurouni Kenshin. This episode of the show is also referred to as SpyxFamily Episode 3. You can read our review of the previous episode of the show right here!

– SpyxFamily Episode 3 Review does not contain spoilers –

Spy x Family Episode 3 Review- A Happy Family

loid Yor Spy x Family Episode 3

This show absolutely needed Yor, in a way that few shows have ever needed a singular character. Dragon Ball Z without Goku would be a better anime than this show without Yor. She is the one character that separates this show from being a clone of Despicable me, of all things. Both mediums have a surprising amount in common, as they both feature a superhuman adopting kids in order to aid their plan and who plans to get rid of them after it succeeds. They both also (presumably, in the case of Loid) will get too attached to the kids to leave them behind and will fight their base instincts to do so.

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Besides the minions, Yor is the only thing that separates the two, and as she demonstrated in the latest episode, she is probably the best thing about the show. Her being an assassin is fascinating and adds a layer of unpredictability to a show that desperately needs it. The show wouldn’t exactly have been bad without her, but the momentum it has gained to be the third (!) highest-ranked anime in the world, however much recency bias that statement may have, wouldn’t have been there without her. She is a well-designed and well-executed character which fits well within the show’s narrative.

Clean up Spy x Family Episode 3

That narrative, however, takes a lot for granted. It is supposed to be an unrealistic comedy, hence the telepath child, but some of the antics here are even more unbelievable than mind reading. How is the best spy in the world willing to accept someone to be his wife with zero background checks? How is a psychiatrist getting shot at making so much sense to an assassin? Anya’s mind-reading can easily be assumed as a childish quirk for the most part, but even her actions are too suspicious sometimes. Maybe the knowledge that the audience is privy to more than the characters plays a part, but this is too convoluted.

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The latest episode involved the new family moving in together and preparing for the interview. Anya and Yor’s interactions were adorable, even though Anya is privy to Yor’s ways. The adventures were funny and fantastic for character development, even if they didn’t do much for plot progression. Anya acts as a delightful buffer between her now mother and her slightly less new father, but she can sometimes come across as a little overbearing. She is a child character who are notoriously hard to get right. Thus, the writers have to be extra careful with her.

The production of Spy Family Episode 3 is exactly as good as it needs to be. It is not flashy and doesn’t particularly stand out, but it is more than competent, and the animators do a great job with subtle facial expressions and some experimentation. However, the music is a bit of a letdown, as it sounds like a royalty-free version of any James Bond or Mission Impossible theme you can think of. The show is going for a slightly dated aesthetic, which is fine, but the music is uninspired.


Spy x Family Episode 3 was a fun watch featuring a ton of heartwarming character development and not much plot progression. The consistency of the show has been great to see so far.

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Spy x Family Episode 3 was a fun watch featuring a ton of heartwarming character development and not much plot progression. The consistency of the show has been great to see, so far.

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Spy x Family Episode 3 was a fun watch featuring a ton of heartwarming character development and not much plot progression. The consistency of the show has been great to see, so far.Spy x Family Episode 3 Review: Failure Is Unacceptable