Spin Review: Endearing Disney Film With Indian Charm

Spin, a Disney Channel movie featuring an Indian-American star as the lead for the first time, is now out on Disney+. Indians can finally watch the film on the digital platform, which is written by Josh A Cagan and Carley Steiner and directed by Manjari Makijany. The film stars Avantika, Abhay Deol, Meera Syal, Aryan Simhadri, Kerri Medders, Anna Cathcart, Michela Luci, Michael Bishop and Jahbril Cook.

The synopsis reads – Rhea, an Indian-American teen, who discovers her passion for creating DJ mixes that blend the rich textures of her South Asian culture and the world around her.

– Disney Channel’s Spin Review contains mild spoilers –

Spin tells the story of Rhea (played), an Indian-American girl who helps her father, Arvind (Abhay Deol), run a bustling Indian restaurant. Rhea’s Nani (Meera Syal) and younger brother Rohan (Aryan Simhadri) also provide a hand to the duo. Rhea is just 15, but as everyone says in the film, she’s too mature for her age.

Rhea is a coder and does her job well at her father’s restaurant too. She has fun and supportive friends Molly, Ginger and Watson (played by Anna Cathcart, Kerri Medders and Jahbril Cook). Rhea can’t think anything beyond her father’s restaurant, and even her high school projects are related to the business. But one day, her life changes when she meets Max (Michael Bishop) at her restaurant. Max is a DJ, and his charm and English accent smite her.

The first half of the Disney Channel film Spin appears to be a teenage love story, but the second half effectively shifts the narrative. It’s a tale about self-love and the magic of music when it’s blended just perfectly. The film looks delightful, and the performances add more beauty to the story. You’ll find yourself smiling all the time while enjoying Avantika’s story and how she grows better at appreciating her choices more. Director Manjari Makijany has crafted an appealing film that is predictable yet keeps you captivated till the end.

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About the film, Manjari had said, “The story was turning all the stereotypes on their heads, which is great. It was also an opportunity to introduce Indian culture to mainstream audiences.” Manjari has delivered what she said here as nowhere does the film stereotype Indians as we usually see in most English movies.

Spin Movie Review
Spin Review: Still from the trailer

Rhea, played by Avantika, is a simple and charming character. Abhay Deol delivers a well-balanced performance as a progressive but flawed parent. Meera Syal portrays the cool Nani that we all want. She’s the best. Kerri Medders, Anna Cathcart, Michael Bishop, and Jahbril Cook all do an excellent job in their roles.

Spin Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, Manjari Makijany’s film is pleasant and endearing. The film’s direction, music, and characters are all fantastic. It’s not groundbreaking, but it’s also not your standard teen Disney love story. It will undoubtedly make you smile.

Spin is currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Spin Review: A Disney Channel film starring Avantika and Abhay Deol is now out. The film perfectly brings together Indian charm and electrifying music.

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