Soy Georgina (2022) Review: An Expensive Glimpse Into Georgina Rodriguez’s Life

Soy Georgina (I am Georgina) is a new Spanish documentary, now streaming on Netflix, which revolves around Georgina Rodríguez. Georgina Rodríguez is the partner of football sensation Cristiano Ronaldo. Season one of Soy Georgina has 6 episodes and each episode has a running time of approximately 40 minutes. The audio of the documentary is in Spanish. However, English subtitles are available for ease of access. The synopsis reads, “Join Georgina Rodríguez — mom, influencer, businesswoman and Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner — in this emotional and in-depth portrait of her daily life.”

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The official Netflix Press Release described Soy Georgina as, “Georgina Rodriguez, with 24 million followers on Instagram, is, among many other things, model, mother, influencer, entrepreneur, dancer and current partner of Cristiano Ronaldo. This reality show will be a deep and emotional portrait of the woman behind the photos, stories and the big headlines: her day to day, her motherhood, her high and low moments…”. Georgina Rodriguez started from nothing. But love had different plans for her. She fell for one of the most popular personas on the face of the earth right now. Cristiano Ronaldo. The documentary traces her glamorous life amidst the humdrum of the outer world.

Soy Georgina
Soy Georgina

This is yet another documentary that serves us a glimpse into what it is like to be rich and privileged in a cruel cruel world. However, Soy Georgina doesn’t get too far ahead of itself in being insensitive. Georgina Rodriguez is a human being after all. She is an entrepreneur, a partner and a mother, roles that are shared by millions across the globe. Soy Georgina plays to the gallery most of the time, focusing most of the series’ time on Cristiano Ronaldo and his involvement with Georgina Rodriguez. The documentary holds up bits and pieces of their life together to the viewers.

Soy Georgina features Cristiano’s and Georgina’s houses in Madrid and Italy as well as their private yacht. But, the glamorous and exuberant lifestyle portrayed in the series can also be its downfall. Georgina hints at the prevalence of tough times that she had to go through while she was younger. She also alludes to soiled personal relationships. But, this is where it ends. We do not see her struggling. This makes her narrative quite unreliable and makes one think if alluding to her supposed “poverty” is just a stunt that is meant to draw in more views.

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Soy Georgina

Rodríguez knows that she is leaving a dream. She wears designer clothes. Rides around in expensive cars. Owns everything that is available in the world. She even calls herself a princess who has “everything”, thanks to her Prince Charming. Soy Georgina, at its very core, is a fairytale and like all fairytales, it is full of hope while consciously sidetracking the ugly realities of the world. She adds: “I don’t consider myself a phenomenon but I do consider myself a fortunate woman because I know what it is to have nothing and I know what it is to have everything.

Summing up, Soy Georgina

Soy Georgina

Flashy cars, jewellery that costs more than plots of land, clothes from the costliest brands across the world and a whole lot more. This is what the documentary is about. If you are looking for inspiration and some healthy dose of hope, this will probably not be your go-to documentary. However, if you want a glimpse into the lives of the rich and how they navigate around their day to day lives, you can give Soy Georgina a fair shot. 

Soy Georgina is now streaming on Netflix.

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Soy Georgina is an expensive glimpse into the lives and loves of the rich that feels a bit tone-deaf in today's day and edge.


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Soy Georgina is an expensive glimpse into the lives and loves of the rich that feels a bit tone-deaf in today's day and edge.Soy Georgina (2022) Review: An Expensive Glimpse Into Georgina Rodriguez's Life