Soundtrack 1 Episode 4 Recap: Han So-hee and Park Hyung-sik Series Ends Sweet and Small

Soundtrack #1 (사운드트랙 #1) is a Korean drama TV series directed by Kim Hee-won and stars Han So-hee, Park Hyung-sik, Kim Joo-heon and Lee Jung-eun, alongside other cast members. The series has 4 episodes, and Soundtrack 1 episode 4 has a runtime of around 53 minutes.

– Soundtrack 1 episode 4 recap contains major spoilers! –

After Sun-woo leaves, Eun-soo spends her time working on her song, thinking about Sun-woo and making delicious food and sending him the pictures. She remembers almost everything that he told her to do, including taking a muffler out on cold days. 1 year later, Eun-soo gets to know that Tae-yoon wants to work with her since her lyrics now guarantee hits. As they celebrate at Ma-ri’s, they all mention how much they miss Sun-woo at such a monumental time.

soundtrack 1 episode 4
Still From Soundtrack 1 Episode 4

She later texts him but the message doesn’t deliver. She thinks back to all the good times with Sun-woo and how supportive he was whereas now she stands alone on the rooftop. She goes to get a picture of hers from his studio one morning and sees one of her pictures on the wall, along with that fated tarot card. However, all that comes to a stop when Sun-woo calls Dong-hyeon but much to Eun-soo’s despair, he disconnects before they can have a conversation.

It’s clear that Eun-soo is going through similar feelings to Sun-woo now and even though she is trying to keep her contact with Sun-woo, he seems to be somewhat ignoring her for some reason. That night, Woo-il calls her to a celebratory dinner, where he confesses his feelings for her. However, she turns him down nicely and tells him that they might not be able to work together. However, Woo-il takes it like a champ and mentions that this doesn’t affect the working relationship that they have.

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soundtrack 1 episode 4
Still From Soundtrack 1 Episode 4

When she comes home that night, she has a surprise waiting for her. She thinks that Sun-woo has come home and excitedly runs in, but it’s her mother. They chat for a bit and she asks her to do another tarot reading. She gets the same card as Sun-woo did and her mother tells her that she lied that time – that it means someone close by. Her mother mentions that she’d lied because Sun-woo’s face showed that everyone found out his secret and she, thus, didn’t want to blow his cover that way.

When asked later, Eun-soo, however, chooses to keep the determined heart card. She texts Sun-woo again that night when she doesn’t get a response to her last message and just when she’s about to tell him that she misses him, she rethinks and deletes it.

Later on, Eun-soo finds a note hidden in Sun-woo’s teddy bear. Come to find out, it also has a necklace. The note wishes that he could be by her side all the time. Her mother’s words of seizing the moment make her text him and the next morning, she comes face to face with him at a flower shop. She is taken aback and after the two go back home, he gives her loads of gifts. Unfortunately, she gets to know that he’s here just for 10 days, which makes her visibly upset.

After they celebrate Ma-ri’s birthday, which turns out to be the cutest thing ever, Eun-soo and Sun-woo walk back home. He asks her what she wanted to tell him and she beats around the bush until he leaves. The next morning, Eun-soo goes to Sun-woo’s studio with desserts and gets to know that he has hired his college junior to help him with work. As they get introduced to each other, it’s pretty awkward since it’s very clear that Eun-soo is very jealous of this new arrangement.

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soundtrack 1 episode 4
Still From Soundtrack 1 Episode 4

That night, Sun-woo invites him to have drinks with them but when Eun-soo reaches the studio, she is annoyed to find Seo-yeon there and Sun-woo spending a lot of time with her. She starts disrupting their work a little bit and gets even more annoyed when she tries to tell her stuff she already knows. The drinking part is also quite awkward but then Eun-soo overhears Seo-yeon asking him to go out with him. She’s quite angry about it and after she leaves, Eun-soo asks him to walk with her.

She asks him his thoughts regarding what he would do if she proposed to him like that and he says that he’d say no, based on what she herself had said years ago. This leaves Eun-soo heartbroken and she goes home and pours her heart out into paper. The next morning, she remembers back to when Sun-woo taught her how to ride a bicycle. The memory pushes her to text him and ask him to meet her that night.

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soundtrack 1 episode 4
Still From Soundtrack 1 Episode 4

She confesses her feelings that night and tells him that she can’t keep her emotions inside anymore. That, although she previously thought that all of her feelings came from him being her best friend, last year she realises that it was because she was in love with him. It’s a sincere moment done with great emotion from Han So-hee. The things that she says are absolutely heart-wrenching and pretty mature, considering the manic pixie girl that she was.

Anyway, Sun-woo seems to be taken aback by the confession and after some silence, he writes in her notebook and tells her that she has finished the lyrics from a year ago – Please stay by my side, I love you. Eun-soo looks at it and then Sun-woo kisses her right then and there.

In the epilogue, Ma-ri, Dong-hyeon and Gyeol-han look on as Sun-woo and Eun-soo cuddle at another table, blissfully looking out the window at the snowy night.

Final Thoughts: Soundtrack 1 Episode 4

soundtrack 1 episode 4
Still From Soundtrack 1 Episode 4

I was sceptical whether the series would be able to end so many things without rushing to conclusions in the last episode but Soundtrack 1 episode 4 really is a sweet watch and ends all the different plots quite well. Although I don’t understand the point of adding a whole new character just so Eun-soo can feel jealous, but, well. Either way, I think they handled Woo-il’s crush well, it was mature and he didn’t go into a misogynistic tirade about how she “owes her” or whatever.

The end scene with Eun-soo proclaiming her love was sweet, precise and heartfelt. Han So-hee and Park Hyung-sik look excellent together and share a chemistry that really does make you feel like they’ve been best friends for a long time. Sun-woo’s character is probably the best of the lot and his patience and understanding nature should be given credit.

All in all, although very short, Soundtrack 1 has been a satisfying watch with a happy ending that K-drama fans are seriously starving for at the moment. It makes you want to see more, but I think it ended where it was supposed to and glad that they didn’t drag it more.

Soundtrack #1 is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Soundtrack 1 episode 4 ends on a high and that's something K-drama fans can celebrate!

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Soundtrack 1 episode 4 ends on a high and that's something K-drama fans can celebrate!Soundtrack 1 Episode 4 Recap: Han So-hee and Park Hyung-sik Series Ends Sweet and Small