Soundtrack 1 Episode 3 Recap: Han So-hee, Park Hyung-sik Dance Around Their Feelings

Soundtrack #1 (사운드트랙 #1) is a Korean drama TV series directed by Kim Hee-won and stars Han So-hee, Park Hyung-sik, Kim Joo-heon and Lee Jung-eun, alongside other cast members. The series has 4 episodes, and Soundtrack 1 episode 3 has a runtime of around 46 minutes.

– Soundtrack 1 episode 3 recap contains major spoilers! –

Although we’d all like to see Eun-soo telling Sun-woo that she saw the pictures from the last episode, Soundtrack 1 starts with her changing the topic. Now taken aback after learning the truth, she asks Sun-woo when he started liking Jennifer and whether he ever plans to tell her – realising full well that the Jennifer they always talk about is her. Sun-woo refuses to reply to her comments and tells her to let him handle it by himself.

soundtrack 1
Still From Soundtrack 1 Episode 3

Again working on the song, Eun-soo listens to the song and, unfortunately, cannot come up with good lyrics. She tries to find her old lyric book where she sees a picture of them together taking her back to high school – the day she gave him her mother’s camera to take pictures with and he immediately starts to take her pictures.

At work, Sun-woo learns that Benzema Lauren wants to collaborate with him, which sends him in a shock. However, this also means that he will need to leave Korea before expected. On the other hand, Woo-il proposes that Eun-soo meets with the artist. That night, Eun-soo talks to Ma-ri when she gets to know that they knew how much Sun-woo likes her. They get excited when they think that he has finally told her, but she says that he didn’t.

They push for her to get together with him but she says that she’s afraid that she’ll hurt someone who means a lot to her and is a kind soul. She looks sad, almost like she likes him too but is too afraid to say it. As Eun-soo gets home, Sun-woo gives her flowers and asks whether they can make up. However, things aren’t the same anymore, now that Eun-soo knows everything. Either way, he does tell her that he started liking Jennifer 8 years ago.

soundtrack 1
Still From Soundtrack 1 Episode 3

Eun-soo is shocked that he has liked her for so long. He continues to answer all of her questions and the look on her face makes it apparent that she, too, would very much like the idea of them together. The next morning, flustered, she tries to run away but Sun-woo catches her anyway. Unfortunately, his plan to tell her that night is dashed when she hurriedly tells him that she will be late thanks to a work meeting.

At said work meeting, a flustered Eun-soo meets Jay Jun and we get to know that Woo-il, too, might be into her after the barrage of compliments he has showered on her behalf to Jay Jun’s team. Meanwhile, Sun-woo wonders what to do about the collaboration with Benzema Lauren as well as where Eun-soo is. He tries calling her after fixing her bike, but she’s busy having wine with her boss. At the wine tasting, Woo-il openly flirts with her and tells her that they should take “getting to know each other” slow.

Sun-woo sees this going down from outside and barges in. He starts talking to her and the showdown between the two starts. As they look each other down, they are both aware that they both like the same person. Woo-il, however, goes a step forward and tells her that he told her that he likes her and they have both agreed to take things slow. Defeated, Sun-woo, for some reason, leaves her will Woo-il without actually having a conversation with her about whom she likes.

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Still From Soundtrack 1 Episode 3

That night after coming home, Eun-soo stays up for Sun-woo but he doesn’t come back. That morning, she goes to his studio but learns that he has left. She further learns from Dong-hyeon about his collaboration. When she comes back home, she finds him with the bike and he tells her that he didn’t paint the back handle because that’s where he used to grab the bike while teaching her. It holds a lot of memories.

Just as he’s again about to tell her his feelings, she tells him that she will always have her friendship by his side and that’s what she feels. However, Sun-woo tells her that he actually needs to leave the next day because of the collaboration. On the day of, the two stand at the bus stop and reminisce the old times before Eun-soo bids goodbye to her best friend. In a flashback, we see the first time he went to the US and how affected Eun-soo was – it seems like she liked him back then as well. As she breaks down at the bus stand, she realises that she finally knows what unrequited love means.

In the epilogue, Sun-woo pours his heart out regarding his feelings for Eun-soo to Ma-ri and her husband. He says that she was drinking wine even though it gives her a headache. Thus, if that’s what she wants, then he will support her. It turns out that 2 years ago, he did watch Eun-soo break down after he left.

Final Thoughts: Soundtrack 1 Episode 3

soundtrack 1
Still From Soundtrack 1 Episode 3

I feel like Soundtrack 1 is losing steam with the back and forth and the lack of communication among the adults. I mean, I understand unrequited love and all, but Eun-soo acting like a child instead of tackling the problem does not make for good TV, especially when Sun-woo has proven to be a decent guy. Sure, I know a thing or two about hurting your best friend by going into a relationship with them, but you at least have to have a frank discussion about it.

Soundtrack 1 episode 3 frustrates a lot, especially because it doesn’t make its adults talk to each other, instead of trying to work around the problem. Plus, this new guy all of a sudden starting to like her and the two men vying for her attention is a bit annoying. Why can’t adults act like adults? The last part of the episode was, personally, the sweetest when Eun-soo breaks down after her friend leaves. It’s sweet to watch because it feels too genuine and because her feelings for him are also coming out during these scenes.

I enjoyed the episode, albeit it left me a bit annoyed. Maybe that’s the whole point here. Either way, 4 episodes is too short to properly open up a show, especially one with such deep themes. I wonder how it will put everything into the last episode next week, considering I still have a thousand questions on my mind. The last episode can go so many different ways, but considering Eun-soo knows everything and we know about her feelings, it’s going to be interesting.

Soundtrack #1 is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Soundtrack 1 episode 3 kinda gets annoying with the back and forth and the childish behaviour, albeit leaves us with a tiny hole in our hearts wondering what comes next.


  1. The flashback isn’t to the first time Sunwoo left for the US, it’s from 8 years ago when he was about to leave for mandatory military service— hence he was jokingly calling her heartless for not being sad he’s leaving for 2 years.

    And in the Bonus Track/epilogue, we see he came back and witnessed her crying for him, so this must be the point when he realizes his feelings for her (the same 8 years ago). He was talking to the married couple about how he just wants her happy and he doesn’t know what to do when he sees her cry. And then 4 years ago, aka 2 years after he came back from military service, and after Eunsoo broke up with her cheating boyfriend is when he finally decides to act on his feelings and decides to confess with the doll. He only stopped after she said that spiel about never dating and breaking up with him. So he’s been holding it in the past 4 years.

    Also, Sunwoo assumes Eunsoo had feelings for the composer/PD because in the beginning of the drama she did have a crush, and he saw that she kept pretending to like things she didn’t for him (mandarin juice, wine), plus, he witnessed them alone late at night at what looked like a date, when she had said it was a work thing.

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Soundtrack 1 Episode 3 Recap: Han So-hee, Park Hyung-sik Dance Around Their FeelingsSoundtrack 1 episode 3 kinda gets annoying with the back and forth and the childish behaviour, albeit leaves us with a tiny hole in our hearts wondering what comes next.