Sorry Bhaisaab (2021) Review: Gauahar Khan’s Slice-of-Life Short is Funny

Sorry Bhaisaab is a slice-of-life short film directed by Suman Adhikary and Sumit Ghildiyal and stars Sharib Hashmi and Gauahar Khan, alongside other cast members. Produced by Arre Studios, the movie is only 20 minutes long.

– Sorry Bhaisaab review does not contain spoilers –

Sorry Bhaisaab starts with Gupta Ji’s car being stolen from the neighbourhood. At first thinking his wife left the car somewhere, it becomes apparent that robbers were behind it all. However, what Gupta Ji would never have imagined in his life is his car being returned with a sorry note. Things, though, are rarely this great, isn’t it?

This slice-of-life short is extremely funny. In just 20 minutes, the movie does a commendable job at making you smile. Revolving around the simple desires of middle-class people and the problems that they face every day, the short is both relatable and funny. There’s a twist at the end that might seem expected for some, but one that I found extremely funny.

The heart-warming short, that doesn’t really try to go too deep, keeps it sweet and simple. You want Kimmi to get that new car that she oh-so desires and you also want Gupta Ji to save some money. Thus, when they do get their car back, you are left to wonder, wait what now?! I found myself wondering about the robbers’ motivations and why and how they did what they did, but we don’t get much of a resolution on that front.

Sure, the end twist might give you some sort of resolution, but you will still wonder why. I liked that it kept itself a bit ambiguous and the nagging wife and sort-of miser husband make for an entertaining 20 minutes that will resonate with you and make you laugh.

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It’s the story of ordinary people and their very ordinary lives. The most that happen here is probably Kimmi’s kitty party and Bhai’s film in the theatre. It’s a commentary on women drivers and the middle class’ aspirations and how, even in these everyday boring encounters, we find something so delirious and confusing that it becomes the talk of the neighbourhood.

Gauahar Khan and Sharib Hashmi are funny and entertaining as the bickering couple who find themselves in a very odd situation. What happens after the end? What were the robbers’ motivations? Do they go to the police with their newest predicament? Is God really watching? These are the questions we are left with by the end of this short and sweet watch.

Summing up: Sorry Bhaisaab

Sorry Bhaisaab is a quirky and funny short that will take your mind off the shows that come out these days on OTT and theatres. It’s entertaining and relatable and leaves you scratching your head with a smile on your face.

Sorry Bhaisaab is streaming on Amazon MiniTV.

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Sorry Bhaisaab, starring Gauahar Khan and Sharib Hashmi, is a funny slice-of-life film that will keep you entertained throughout its very short runtime.

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Sorry Bhaisaab (2021) Review: Gauahar Khan's Slice-of-Life Short is FunnySorry Bhaisaab, starring Gauahar Khan and Sharib Hashmi, is a funny slice-of-life film that will keep you entertained throughout its very short runtime.