Sooryavanshi Review: Rohit Shetty-Akshay Kumar Serve Seetimaar Big Screen Entertainer

Sooryavanshi Review: Rohit Shetty’s cop-action film is now out in theatres. The film stars Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Jackie Shroff, Jaaved Jaaferi, Gulshan Grover, Nikitin Dheer, Kumud Mishra, Rajendra Gupta, Abhimanyu Singh and Mrunal Jain. Actors Ajay Devgn and Ranveer Singh have a special cameo as Singham and Simmba, respectively.

Yunus Sajawal wrote the screenplay with dialogues by Farhan Samji, Sanchit Bendre and Vidhi Ghodgadnkar. The music is by Amar Mohile, S. Thama, Tanishk Bagchi, and Jam8. The synopsis reads, “Sooryavanshi traces the acts and serious antics of DCP Veer Sooryavanshi, the chief of the Anti-Terrorism Squad in India.”

Sooryavanshi Review Contains Mild Spoilers

Sooryavanshi Review: Plot, Screenplay, Direction, Dialogues

Sooryavanshi, starring Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif, has finally arrived in theatres after a long wait. After Singham and Simmba, Rohit Shetty’s latest addition to his cop world has sparked a lot of interest. Is it effective as his past cop action dramas? In certain ways, yes.

Sooryavanshi, played by Akshay Kumar, lost his parents in the 1993 Mumbai bombings. Even if some bad guys were nabbed, terrorism doesn’t end in one day. So trouble from the past returns to wreak havoc on the city’s innocent citizens. For 13 years, a Lashkar leader (Jackie Shroff) has dispatched 40 sleeper cells to India, intending to use them at the right time. His son Riyaz, played by Abhimanyu Singh, is one of the sleeper cells.

If this huge trouble wasn’t enough for the dashing cop, his personal life is also in jeopardy. Soorya has a gorgeous wife named Riya (Katrina Kaif), a doctor and a son named Aryan. But one misstep causes a crack in Soorya’s family, but only the situation is to blame. Soorya and his ATS team must defend the city from the impending catastrophic bomb blasts, and they don’t have much time. Shetty shows how his top officer and his talented team of cops pull off the dangerous operation in his style!

Say hello to Akshay Kumar, who is making an entry from a helicopter once more! Shetty spent a lot of time in the first half emphasising what a star Soorya is and how he can smash and beat people without being wounded. I understand why the entry was so extravagant, but it was stretched out far too long. The first half of the film is mostly swag and dialogues. There’s also a little bit of Katrina and some romance.

After Katrina and Akshay’s fantastic ‘Tip Tip Barsa’ dance sequence, the screenplay solidifies in the second half. The mission and the terrorists continue their operations while we are treated with the streamy dance. But hey, Soorya has no time for romance as his priority is saving his city over anything. Soorya, seeing how serious the danger is, calls for assistance, and that’s where the pace picks up.

Sooryavanshi is an out-and-out Rohit Shetty movie. He won’t establish a point in the story without shattering some cars and kicking some men. But when he does, you’ll be on the edge of your seat. Yunus Sajawal deserves credit for crafting a tight-knit screenplay in the second half. However, like many Bollywood films, the most recent one delves into jingoism.

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Sooryavanshi Review: Performance and Dialogues

Some jokes are funny, but some deserve to be ignored for the best. The good Muslim-bad Muslim narrative is covered even in Shetty’s film. I would’ve been surprised if such scenes weren’t added to make a point. It has become a trend, and overdramatisation is a turn-off.

While the film has shortcomings, it is undeniable that Akshay Kumar’s latest cop action-drama will restore the appeal of seeing movies on big screens. It contains everything that masala moviegoers want: high-octane action, romance, seetimaar dialogues, comedy, thrill, and a great hero who beats the heck out of bad guys. The audience in my theatre erupted in cheers, claps, and whistles, often in the second half. 

When it comes to acting, Akshay Kumar had a great time playing DCP Sooryavanshi. He’s terrible with names but terrific at delivering dialogue, bashing bad guys, and pulling off amazing stunts. Katrina Kaif has a limited presence, and she’s good. The actor is great in emotional sequences, and I wish we’d seen more of her. Kat is a sight to behold as she dances to Tip Tip Barsa song.

Jaaved Jaaferi, Abhimanyu Singh, Gulshan Grover, and Jackie Shroff all do an excellent job in their respective roles. Ajay Devgn lends swag and attitude to the plot, and Ranveer Singh adds additional madness. As someone who has witnessed it, I know the theatre won’t stop cheering for quite some time when these three will team up. The grandness of the fight sequences is enhanced by the background score and stays on your mind for a long time.

Sooryavanshi Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, Sooryavanshi is another version of Singham and Simmba. By using real incidents, Rohit Shetty added his characters, his cop direction, cars crash and fire to the story. The first half is weak, but the second half will definitely entertain the audience. The action scenes are directed in a standard Rohit style which moviegoers will enjoy watching after a big break due to the lockdown.

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Sooryavanshi Review: Akshay Kumar starrer has everything that masala moviegoers want: high-octane action, romance, seetimaar dialogues, comedy, thrill.

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Sooryavanshi Review: Rohit Shetty-Akshay Kumar Serve Seetimaar Big Screen EntertainerSooryavanshi Review: Akshay Kumar starrer has everything that masala moviegoers want: high-octane action, romance, seetimaar dialogues, comedy, thrill.