SonyLIV’s Family Drama Review: Patriarchy Mingled With Enigma

Family drama is a thriller, mystery Telugu drama directed by Meher Tej starring Suhas, Teja Kasarapu, Pooja Kiran, Anusha Nuthula, Shruti Meher, and Sanjay Ratha. It is currently streaming on SonyLIV with a run time of 2 hours 4 minutes with audio in English.

SonyLIV describes Family Drama as:

”A shrewd father kicks his son out of the house for not getting a job and threatens the younger one of the same fate if he doesn’t start to earn. The brothers decide to mix a drug in his coffee and slowly paralyze him for the rest of his life. Their mother needs a little convincing, but she agrees. Their wives, however, are unaware of their husband’s deeds, but how long does it take for them to see their true colours?”.

Family Drama review does not contain spoilers –

Family drama starts as a normal family issue and chaos when a father throws his elder son out of the house for sitting idle at home and not earning a penny. He further warns his younger son also to mend his ways or else he will also be thrown out of the house. Tired of their father’s daily banter, both of them conspire to paralyze him by mixing an antidote in his coffee. Their plan takes a deadly turn when they involve their mother in the conspiracy but their wives are clueless about their intentions. What will happen when they both will get to know about it forms the crux of the movie.

Rama and Lakshman find themselves trapped in their father’s abusive lifestyle and want to break free from it. Family drama covers a normal issue that happens in almost every family where the head of the family pressurizes the youths to go out and earn for the house. It is a dark comedy where the conspiracy has been given a comical element. Basically, the sons try to voice out their opinions against the patriarchy but involve themselves in things they should not when they are not left with any option. 

In order to take control of their own lives, they decide to conduct a heinous crime with their own father. But on the other side, the father is also not wrong and tries to show a right path to his children who take it otherwise. Rama is a big-time druggie who gets high and keeps listening to music all the time. Lakshman is a little more sensible than Rama and is desperately looking for a job so that he acquires a right along with his mother to give back to his father. The wives are troubled by their husband’s antics and the depressing situation in the house.

The brothers reach a saturation point and decide to make their father silent forever and plot with their mother to show him his true place. The real twist is that a serial killer is found lurking around the city killing people and cutting their throats with only leaving the drops of blood on the crime scene. The Family Drama doesn’t end when Rama enters back in his house in fact it intensifies and keeps on engaging you further in its screenplay.

There are many wow and interesting elements in the movie which are surprising and noteworthy. The story is told in such a way that no one can predict what may happen next. The climax, however, is the hero of the movie as it will take you completely aback at how it is possible that something like this happened in this family. 

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Family Drama
Image Credit: A still from Family Drama Trailer

Suhas as Rama outshines as the main lead and walks along greatly with the storyline. He is the reason why there is drama in his family. His expressions and dance moves are hilarious and brilliant. Rama is innocent outside but deadly inside. The other cast also manage to give their best performances and merge well with the screenplay. The end part of the film introduces the true feelings of each family member which is a delight to watch. The music is another melodious portion of the film that changes the mood of the movie. Overall Family Drama is a great movie to watch as it is a perfect combination of humor and horror. 

Family Drama is streaming on SonyLIV.

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Family Drama unmasks two unhappy sons irritated with their father’s daily taunts scheme to immobilize him and make him dependent on them.

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Family Drama unmasks two unhappy sons irritated with their father’s daily taunts scheme to immobilize him and make him dependent on them. SonyLIV's Family Drama Review: Patriarchy Mingled With Enigma