Sonny Boy Episode 12 Review: The Final Episode

Sonny Boy Episode 12 brings about the end of the anime that captivated everyone this entire season. The episode might not have answered every question we had, but it was a spectacular end to the story nonetheless. Let’s see how the episode did in this review!

Sonny Boy Episode 12 Overview

Sonny Boy Episode 12 Title

Sonny Boy is based on an original story written by prominent director Shingo Natsume, previously known for directing shows such as One Punch ManStudio Madhouse is producing it, the powerhouse anime studio behind absolute classics such as Hunter x Hunter, Death Note, and No Game No Life!

If you would like to refresh your memory about the happenings inside Episode 11, or if you’re new to the series and Episode 11 is the first one you decided to watch, you can check out my review of Episode 11 of Sonny Boy here! Alternatively, you can also start reading our reviews from Episode 1 onwards, as we covered the series extensively and episodically. Click here to look at our entire coverage of Sonny Boy!

Sonny Boy Episode 12 Review- The Plot

“It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”- Albus Dumbledore

I chose to use this quote from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets for two reasons. The first is that I believe it is a fantastic quote, and the second is that this applies perfectly to the final episode of Sonny Boy. This particular episode of Sonny Boy was all about choices and consequences and how they relate to the characters in the show.

Nahara and Mizuho made a choice in the last episode to escape “This World” and go back to their own, despite nobody else choosing to go along with them and despite them knowing that their original world won’t be the same world that they left. They did this for Nozomi, who couldn’t be there, in the end, to see them go back. Everyone else gave up on ever making it back to the real world, but they didn’t.

Sonny Boy Ending

They knew that they weren’t in the best of states back in the real world. They weren’t popular, both of them didn’t have many friends, and it would be worse with them reaching the world two years after they left. They made it back, knowing that their lives would never be the same again, but they still persevered. They hoped to see Nozomi back, and they hoped to see their old lives once again. They didn’t know if any of this was going to happen, but they still chose to go.

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Sonny Boy Episode 12 didn’t answer any questions about why or how any of this happened, but it didn’t need to. What it did give us was an experience that I doubt many of us are going to forget any time soon. We don’t know the reason behind anything that happened, but we don’t need to. We don’t even know if any of it was real by the end of it. What we do know is that Nagara and Mizuho believe it happened and are changed people because of it. We were just there on this journey with them.

Sonny Boy Episode 12 God

Whatever Sonny Boy Episode 12 chose to tell us about what happened wouldn’t have been as satisfactory or hard-hitting as what we saw, and that’s why I’m totally fine with not knowing everything about “This World” and superpowers. In the end, what mattered was the journey and the destination, not the vehicle that was used to get there. There will never be a Sonny Boy Season 2, but there doesn’t need to be.

Sonny Boy Episode 12 Review- The Characters

Nagara Mizuho Asakaze Sonny Boy

It was all about just the two main characters in Sonny Boy Episode 12, Nagara and Mizuho. No one remembers what happened but them since they are the only ones who came back. They both returned to their old, miserable lives that they used to live before “This World”, and both struggled to handle everything that happened in there, especially since they both tried to handle it all alone.

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Nagara was able to come back to this world and see Nozomi again, but at the devastating cost of not being remembered by someone he considered a friend and having seemingly lost the only person who could relate to him. His loneliness and self-doubt are painfully real and relatable to anyone who has ever felt alone for any amount of time. Thankfully, he at least has Mizuho, right? Don’t tell me she doesn’t remember anything either?

Nozomi Sonny Boy Episode 12

Since she was introduced, Mizuho has been my favourite character, and her interactions with anyone was a treat to witness. You better believe that she gets to mingle with Nagara, and it is fantastic. I don’t know what else I can say without spoiling anything. Just know that just because things hurt, it doesn’t mean that they are bad. On the contrary, good things require some sacrifices before they can occur.

Sonny Boy Episode 12 Review- Art and Music

Sonny Boy Episode 12 was a fever dream that happened in a flash of light and then disappeared. Studio Madhouse showcased the multicoloured visuals, the gorgeous lighting, and the feeling of travelling multiple dimensions brilliantly in one of the best-animated episodes of this season. The art style contrasted brilliantly with the ethereal beauty of some scenes to construct a truly tremendous atmosphere in the entire episode.

The OST was also in full form, with two new songs playing in the background during the opening and escape sequences of the show. They contributed to the weird yet still beautiful surroundings that the visuals created to construct a mind-blowing visage that was a treat to the eyes and ears. I implore you to go back and check this one out. You will not regret it.


Sonny Boy Episode 12 was everything that it needed to be and everything that it ever could be. The episode was as close to a work of art as an anime can get, and the same can be said about the entire show. Click here to read the full series review!

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Sonny Boy Episode 12 was everything that it needed to be and everything that it ever could be. The episode was as close to a work of art as an anime can get, and the same can be said about the entire show.

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Sonny Boy Episode 12 was everything that it needed to be and everything that it ever could be. The episode was as close to a work of art as an anime can get, and the same can be said about the entire show.Sonny Boy Episode 12 Review: The Final Episode