Netflix’s Song Exploder Review: An Informative and Interesting Musical Journey

Song Exploder on Netflix is an interesting and unique show on music but a lot more than just music. It leads you into the world of how music is created and that is enough to grab eyeballs and turn heads for music enthusiasts. If you have wondered how your favourite musicians and songwriters create the songs that delight your ears then this show is something that might interest you.

The process is pretty intriguing – it involves showing how the lyrics and melodies are created. The whole process of music creation is complex and happens piece by piece. Song Exploder works beautifully to uphold the emotions, processes and the whole creation of music in a very detailed way. Song Exploder is a four-part Netflix documentary series, based on a podcast which goes by the same name.   

Song Exploder

The creator of the podcast, Hrishikesh Hirway, is also the host of this show. Hrishikesh Hirway, in his original show, gets in touch with songwriters and tries to get in-depth information on how songs are created and takes the viewers through the components bit by bit. The show very patiently brings out the top favourite songs, studies them line-by-line and tries to bring out what makes the song special.

He also teases the demo version of the songs and provides adequate information on them, as well as their songwriters. It very informatively shows the whole process coming together. Hrishikesh Hirway has interviewed many musicians such as Selena Gomez, U2, Weezer, The Killers and even the music creators for Game of Thrones and Black Panther. This show has much to offer for music enthusiasts as well as non-enthusiasts. 

Song Exploder elucidates and sheds light on music creation in a simpler way! 

Focusing on their early ideas that bring together the initiation of creating a music composition to recordings that have been completed, this show has it all and how! This is also helpful for viewers who are pursuing music as it definitely demystifies a lot of ideas for them that can be helpful in the creative process. One is exposed to their favourite genre, artists and so much more.

If you happen to spot your favourite songwriter or singer’s name on the list of episodes, check that out first as the other episodes might tire you out. Song Exploders extensively focuses on the songs, the artists, the process and the creation for almost half an hour, and so, it could possibly become a little too much to take in. 

Song Exploder

From Lin-Manuel Miranda talking about writing portions of Hamilton in the Morris-Jumel Mansion in the Manhattan neighbourhood of Washington Heights, Alicia Keys getting emotional about her work on the R&B ballad to Ty Dolla $ign talking about how he creates his music and what inspires him – Song Exploder definitely has a diverse range of musicians which is refreshing and entertaining. It is not monotonous and Netflix has kept it engaging with the help of a wide artist base that has the power to inspire everyone. 

Overall Verdict

Song Exploder is not just about the music, it is a journey that celebrates the creators of music who have kept us entertained for long. It almost feels like Netflix’s ode to music and these musicians. It has definitely taken effort on the part of the showmakers to focus on all the aspects of music creation. Each episode has a runtime between 22-27 minutes. It feels like a podcast but has visuals to support it. These interviews feature concert pictures, footage, videos from the songwriting sessions and a lot more.

Song Exploder

The show is edited very skillfully with an extremely talented host, who has gone on to build a successful podcast brand. The way the visuals and the details are packed into the series is laudable as there is a limited amount of time within which it all needs to be showcased. Overall, give this a shot – Song Exploder might just grow on you. Besides you might find a new artist that you will grow to love or a new jam that you’ll hum to!

Song Explorer is streaming on Netflix.

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'Song Exploder' is a popular podcast series hosted by Hrishikesh Hirway. Netflix has now created a show on the same theme and talks about much more than music.

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