Snowflake Mountain Review: It’s a Sad Day to Watch Things

Snowflake Mountain is a reality TV series hosted by Joel Graves and Matt Tate.

Netflix describes the series as:

Hopelessly entitled or simply in need of tough love? Ten spoiled young adults experience nature without a parental safety net in this reality series.

– Snowflake Mountain review does not contain spoilers –

Within the first 4 minutes of Snowflake Mountain, I had asked myself why someone would come on reality TV on Netflix and tell everyone that they are lazy, entitled and selfish. After 8 episodes, I am nowhere near figuring out the answer but there’s one thing I do know – people will go to any lengths to get clout.

Whether it be Love is Blind or Byron Baes, you know these people are going through this crap for those internet followers. Regardless of whether they will make something of their lives or not, they know that the worse they come out on TV the more views their Instagram pictures will get.

Snowflake Mountain

I wonder, how do you come back from this? Do you just live your normal lives after calling yourself the b-word on Netflix and saying that all you do is party? I think the appeal was to see these flawed people learn something but seriously, where did it go wrong when they were growing up?

I wasn’t even angry at the contestants, to be honest. I just felt pity watching adults act so entitled while sitting in their parents’ home and telling these tall tales of not giving an F about authority. Kid, you literally live with authority.

Anyway, instead of taking responsibility for the demons that they have created, the parents think that shipping their kids off into the wilderness for the forest to take care of is the right answer. On top of that, the hosts, for some reason, make this huge scene of blowing up their personal belongings. So, it’s like… their expensive things are on fire.

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Snowflake Mountain

I understand tough love, but at this point, this is kidnapping and destruction of property. They then laugh at the contestants crying which is just so mean. Let’s be real, these people are annoying, but this is the life they have seen for their whole lives. Are we really shocked that they are not accepting of pooping in buckets?

Snowflake has a very politically motivated word and, in this series, you’ll be confused whether it’s trying to insult you or trying to console you. Should be able to survive in a jungle if you’ve never faced such a thing to not be a ‘snowflake’? I don’t get it. Why are these babied adults being pushed to stay in places and do things on the basis of lies?

Regardless of where you stand with the term itself, Snowflake Mountain, unlike Netflix’s previous reality TV shows, isn’t nearly as entertaining and is almost annoying after a point. Whether it be the contestants themselves or the hosts who think of themselves to be too high and mighty, watching the series is an absolute mammoth task from its first episode.

Snowflake Mountain

I don’t know whether we should be embarrassed for Netflix or actually be impressed that they thought that this was a good idea to do. Matt and Joel are the blandest people to look at in this show and the contestants are just sad. The problem isn’t that they don’t know how to do anything – the problem is that they are selfish and greedy.

Do we like watching that? Is it scandalous enough? Honestly, it’s just too cringe to be scandalous. I was embarrassed watching these people be the worst versions of themselves and appalled that they thought 8 episodes of this was a great idea.

Coming to the reality part of the show, i think we all know this isn’t reality, right? Snowflake Mountain is a scripted mess where the actors (re: contestants) do a horrible job at showcasing any real emotions, especially when something surprising happens. There are, however, some funny moments that keep you entertained.

Summing up: Snowflake Mountain

Snowflake Mountain

It’s an embarrassing day for reality TV and I really don’t wish Snowflake Mountain on anyone. Also, stealing food from the other contestants doesn’t make you a snowflake, it makes you an a-hole.

Snowflake Mountain is streaming on Netflix.

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Snowflake Mountain is a sad watch that is infuriating and frustrating and pitiful.


  1. I really think you missing the whole point… I think at this point in the movie or the show I should say you should just be looking at the premise of the show snowflake is great and if you’re offended by the name of the show or anything else there then you’re just a pretty boy yourself who’s entitled life is probably wrapped up in one of those people on the show you probably related a hell of a lot and now at this point in your adulthood realize you wish somebody would have did that for you

  2. The show is so interesting . How idle are you in life? Getting out so much frustration onto it for nothing. Cant
    You just watch n get entertained n then move on?

  3. I really don’t think it is considered kidnapping when they are adults and they had the choice to leave. I think this review missed the point a bit. The parents recognized they messed up in spoiling their children and even Devon said she had that conversation with her mom many times. As a parent that was their last resort to turn to and sometimes it is like that. We can only hope that when they go back their parents don’t continue coddling them because their parents are apart of the problem. And they had incentive to stay, they had it easy, it seemed like summer camp to me lol. They learned a big lesson I think of adapting overall though. It is a huge eye awakening and big shock. I agree though I pity these adults acting this way. Maybe if the parents had one of these?

  4. If only there was a reality tv show for boot camp and boarding school. And those are real underage children that are not allowed to leave lol sent by their parents.

  5. The writer of this article is a “snowflake” herself. I’d consider myself included in the generation of “snowflakes” and I would very much enjoy camping and backpacking across a beautiful mountain range all the while learning basic survival skills. I’d bring my fishing pole, seasonings, and old clothes. LMAOOO

  6. I feel as though maybe the person writing this article felt too similar to the snowflakes and thought their kind shouldn’t be broadcasted on the telly

  7. Did not read the article but, this show was so contradictory to the type of survival these young ones are going to face. There’s is going to be primarily city life (society), unless they drastically switch course to country living. What they learned was for maybe first week of military training but not EVEN basic training. They will most likely never need to climb a mountain, or even raise chickens. They’ll need to know how to clean, maintain hygienes, they’ll need to understanding financing and credit, how to properly maintain a budget, time management, team work, how to love themselves, developing skills for the world they will inherit. Most won’t be living in the country nor need to climb a mountain. Without proper understanding of budgeting that $50K will be gone within a few months. If they were taught business/professional skills, they could invest it in some time of business, etc. Very personal opinion on the hosts, they remind of soldiers that have some time of chip on their shoulders. It’s like they are upset that these individuals parents afforded them the ability to enjoy the fun parts of life and they are mad. LOL. They don’t really show much compassion for the amazing human beings these individuals are and they seemed to think they were better than others. Plus, they seemed to be making up these rules, and challenges on the fly. Worst reality show ever.

  8. This review misses the whole point. I think so many people including this author need to go out in the mountains and get PERSPECTIVE. That’s what the show was about.

  9. This show was a great idea! There are some people in this world that are reliant on other’s and they will never learn that being an adult is hard and nobody can do it for you. That’s just part of being a responsible adult is to, go outside your comfort zone, take chances, and face the fact that you’re not always given what you want and you need to work for it, etc.
    I think this is a great way to teach all of them what it takes to be a true adult, because this is a creative way to show them and at least they didn’t have to learn it on there own like a lot of adults have too. This was probably a very rewarding experience for all the contestant’s and they did great, well most of them did.

  10. This review was horrible. I enjoyed it since there are more and more adults in their 20s that are snowflakes aka probably the person who wrote the review. Not saying that going into the wilderness is the best way of dealing with it but I doubt anyone is gonna watch a show of a parent just telling their kid to get out. This shows that it does take an extreme sometimes for someone’s life to change for the better. (btw I don’t think the part of Solomon stealing food was meant to say he was a snowflake since they didn’t say he was a snowflake for doing that. Next time maybe pay a bit more attention to detail before writing a review.)

  11. The point of the challenges wasn’t to teach them to live in wild, it was to teach them discipline, responsibility, ect. It showed them how their actions affected others around them, and pushed them to see how much they could actually achieve.

    And no, the hosts were not mean or cruel. When the person who’s a vegan opted out of helping skin the deer, they respected that and moved on. The pushed, AND encouraged them.

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Snowflake Mountain Review: It's a Sad Day to Watch ThingsSnowflake Mountain is a sad watch that is infuriating and frustrating and pitiful.