Sneakerella Review: Cinderella Retelling is Hopeful and Heartening

Sneakerella is a musical family movie directed by Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum and stars Lexi Underwood, Chosen Jacobs, Kolton Stewart and John Salley, alongside other cast members.

Hotstar describes the movie as:

El, an aspiring sneaker designer finds the courage to dream big after a chance encounter with Kira King, a Manhattan Princess Charming of sorts.

– Sneakerella review does not contain spoilers –

Since we didn’t have enough iterations of Cinderella in our lifetimes, this time we have more, gender-swapped.  The movie, starring Chosen Jacobs as the titular damsel in distress, or… well, this time around a sneaker-head, creates something new on the usual foundation of finding yourself after getting away from the hands of the evil stepfather and stepsiblings. This time around, he might just get an opportunity to design sneakers for the big sneaker company – a dream job.

Sneakerella has familiar roots but a fresh perspective to look at things. Even though this is a tale as old as time, there’s something just so charming about it that you can’t help but relate and love. A bit cheesy and a dash melodramatic at times, the movie reminds you of simpler times when you thought you could achieve anything and everything. I think it shows you exactly that as well. Along with being a classic story, this is also a musical.

This movie seems like a weird baby between Cinederella (2021) and He’s All That. However, this movie weirdly gets everything that those two did wrong, right. You feel for El, want Kira to be heard and hope for them to get together and achieve their dreams. It’s heartening to watch their journey and although the story is a repetition of everything that we’ve seen over and over again, it feels fresh.

Coming to the songs, because this is a musical, they are actually not annoying at all, shockingly. There are probably one or two songs too many, but most feel like they are a part of the story. They are easily forgettable though and the first few songs are the ones that will resonate with you the most.

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The worst part about Sneakerella, however, is the horrible VFX and there’s so much of it for some reason. It just looks fake and unnecessary because there’s no need to show so many fake cityscapes since, well, it doesn’t add anything to the story whatsoever. Also, as heartening as it is to watch El get his head in the game and achieve his dreams, let’s not forget that this movie is about buying shoes for a lot of money – the consumerism angle is not lost on me. Regardless, it’s sweet, it’s light and it’s a hopeful watch. It does make you want to do something and try to go after your dreams.

Sweeter still are Chosen Jacobs and Lexi Underwood, who look great together. Although Jacobs is a bit awkward sometimes and the dialogue and voiceover are a bit off, it’s decent for the most part. Everyone else is fine as well. I think Devyn Nekoda was great and the stepfather and siblings didn’t go too over the top with their evilness, so that’s great.

Summing up: Sneakerella

Sneakerella is a family film that a wide age spectrum can enjoy. It’s a bit different from your traditional retelling movies and does well with the themes that it presents. Although a bit wonky sometimes with a tad too many songs, yeah looking at you rap battle, it does present a sweet and easy story about hope, dedication and passion. It’s believable and an easy watch for the weekend, albeit strictly average, if the thrillers become too much of a hassle.

Sneakerella is streaming on Disney+.

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Sneakerella is a sweet movie with a fun twist albeit a bit silly sometimes.

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Sneakerella is a sweet movie with a fun twist albeit a bit silly sometimes.Sneakerella Review: Cinderella Retelling is Hopeful and Heartening