Single All The Way Review: Michael Urie and Philemon Chambers’ Adorable Christmas Romance

Directed by Michael Mayer and written by Chad Hodge, Netflix’s Single All The Way is just the romantic comedy we all needed to begin our Christmas month with. The 2021 film stars Michael Urie as Peter and Philemon Chambers as Nick, Peter’s best friend who essentially make the central characters of the story. The other cast members include Jennifer Coolidge, Kathy Najimy, Jennifer Robertson, Barry Bostwick, Luke Macfarlane and others. With a runtime of 1 hour 40 minutes, the film charms you with a feel-good story and actors who exuberate the love and warmth of being a family.

– Netflix’s Single All The Way review does not contain spoilers –

Single All The Way: A LGBTQ+ Romance

There’s always a comfort in watching romantic comedies that feel familiar and known. It is almost like tracing the lines on your palm that you know exists but, you still feel it to reassure yourself. In the era of thrillers and dark comedies, it is difficult to find a good quality feel-good movie that does not make you cringe your nose or appal you with graphic erotica. During winters, especially Christmas, you need the safety net of cashmere to fall back on in the form of quality, consumable and, sometimes even excellently made, romantic comedies.

We meet Peter, a romantic who has gotten his heartbroken time and again, only to always be “the single one” at home during Christmas. His best friend and roommate, Nick is the only person he can fall back on. However, irrespective of what everyone says, Peter and Nick both claim how it isn’t romantic at all. So, Peter’s mother sets him up on a blind date during Christmas week which turns out better than expected. But, the rest of the family won’t give in as they try to put Peter and Nick together and make them spend time to realise how they have been in love all along.

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But will our lovely duo ever understand? Or, will Peter pick his blind date, James who he seems to be really growing on him? Well, the movie is set right out for us to find out.

This LGBTQ+ romance is so perfectly done that it warms your heart and soul. Michael Urie is cute and confused with the right amount of funny. Philemon Chambers is the perfect best friend being a 10 out of 10 on both looks and love. The family is hilarious with their own cute plans to pit the best friends together and, Jennifer Coolidge is all herself from 2 Broke Girls to White Louts- funny! All of these factors, making up for an adorable little Christmas romance that makes you laugh at times and go “aww” during the other times.

Single All The Way: Final Verdict

Single All The Way is not different but, it comfortable and light to consume. It makes up for a good Christmas time movie with the warm lights and flutter of love in the air. It might not just be the most excellent film ever, but it does a fine job in being the decent contender for a feel-good film.

You can enjoy watching Single All The Way now on Netflix. For more films and series to catch this Holiday season, you can check out our recommendations by clicking here.

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Single All The Way is Netflix's 2021 Christmas rom-com that will warm your heart.

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Single All The Way Review: Michael Urie and Philemon Chambers' Adorable Christmas RomanceSingle All The Way is Netflix's 2021 Christmas rom-com that will warm your heart.