Shooting Stars Episode 7 Recap: Gong Tae-sung Finally Confesses His Feelings To Han-byul

Shooting Stars(별똥별) is a 2022 Korean Drama featuring Lee Sung-kyung, Kim Young-dae, Yoon Jong-hoon, Kim Yoon-hye, Park So-jin and Lee Jung-shin. The series is directed by Lee Soo-hyun and runs for 16 episodes. Shooting Stars Episode 7 has a runtime of 62 minutes and is titled If I Confess My Love…

– Shooting Stars Episode 7 Recap contains spoilers –

In Shooting Stars Episode 7, Gong Tae-sung has been staring at a picture of him and Han-byul from the airport and is wondering why he doesn’t have a decent picture of hers. Suddenly, Han-byul pops up outside his van’s window. She cannot see him but he can see her. He sees her talking to a bunch of men and calls Jung-yeol out of jealousy and that’s when Jung-yeol finds out about his crush on Han-byul.

Shooting Stars Episode 7
Still from Shooting Stars Episode 7

Tae-sung has been reading people’s stories on the internet and tries to hint at Han-byul about his feeling by using their examples. In some hilarious scenes, Jung-yeol unties Han-byul’s shoelaces and Tae-sung tries to tie them back but Han-byul thinks that they are pranking her. He gives her a cup of warm coffee but she again thinks that they have mixed something in it. All of his plans to impress Han-byul have failed so far.

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Si-deok has become popular among the people for his debut role in the drama. However, he gets drunk and causes a harmless yet funny scene which goes viral. Due to Han-byul’s efforts, his negative image turns into a positive image but he still has to write a handwritten letter. Han-byul has been dealing with similar cases for the past few days and Tae-sung overhears her saying that she hates handwritten letters when Tae-sung himself had brought a love letter for her. He doesn’t give her the letter and tears it away.

Shooting Stars Episode 7
Still from Shooting Stars Episode 7

Lawyer Do has invited the PR team to the housewarming party but Han-byul is running late because of a meeting. The rest of them have started the dinner but Do Soo-hyuk is not interested in the party at all. The PR members call Jung-yeol to the party to enhance the mood and that’s when Tae-sung finds out about the party. He crashes their party and Han-byul arrives after him. Lawyer Do confess his feelings to Han-byul and now, is waiting for her answer.

Shooting Stars Episode 7 Ending

Tae-sung tells Kang Yu-sung that he likes someone and he guesses right away that it is Han-byul and Tae-sung asks him how did he come to know. Yu-sung knows Tae-sung for a long time and has noticed the change in his behaviour around her. However, he tells him to hurry because the lawyer has already asked her out. Yu-sung sends Han-byul to Tae-sung’s home on purpose and Tae-sung manages to confess to Han-byul hesitantly. Surprisingly, Han-byul is shocked and runs out of his home screaming.

Shooting Stars OST: How I Feel By Kim Jae-hwan

In the epilogue, we see a memory of Tae-sung that he had written in the letter for Han-byul. Tae-sung had seen Han-byul first when they were in high school. At the end of the movie, Han-byul was crying out loud in the movie theatre thinking she was alone but Tae-sung found her. She told him that she was crying because she might have to give the college entrance exam again because of her low scores and left the theatre.

Shooting Stars Episode 7 Review

Shooting Stars Episode 7 gives more insight into the entertainment industry. The PR team works extremely hard to maintain a good image of a celebrity. Without them, the celebrities wouldn’t find a day without any negative rumours. The way Tae-sung is trying to impress Han-byul is hilarious. His past actions are very unserious for Han-byul to take him seriously now and that is why his efforts are going in vain.

Shooting Stars Episode 7 is available to watch on Viki.

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In Shooting Stars Episode 7, Tae-sung tries to confess his feelings to Han-byul in Hilarious ways.

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In Shooting Stars Episode 7, Tae-sung tries to confess his feelings to Han-byul in Hilarious ways.Shooting Stars Episode 7 Recap: Gong Tae-sung Finally Confesses His Feelings To Han-byul