Shooting Stars Episode 6 Recap: Tae-sung Feels Uneasy Being Ignored By Han-byeol

Shooting Stars(별똥별) is a 2022 Korean Drama featuring Lee Sung-kyung, Kim Young-dae, Yoon Jong-hoon, Kim Yoon-hye, Park So-jin and Lee Jung-shin. The series is directed by Lee Soo-hyun and runs for 16 episodes. Shooting Stars Episode 6 has a runtime of 62 minutes and is titled Dramatic.

– Shooting Stars Episode 6 Recap contains spoilers –

In Shooting Stars Episode 6, an actor at Starforce Entertainment gets into a scandal after he is found with another girl a week after his breakup. He gets his projects cancelled and has to stay low for three months. Not long has passed and rumours about Tae-sung and Da-hye’s relationship surface on the internet. This ridiculous rumour is based on a reflection of a person in Da-hye’s noodle bowl. However, the PR team handles the situation quickly.

Shooting Stars Episode 6
Still from Shooting Stars Episode 6

Jae-hyuk and Yoo-na are rookie actors who are also playing roles in ‘The World of Stars’. However, they are still not professionals and have a lot to learn. Jae-hyuk laughs at Yoo-na when she calls herself a national fairy in her dialogue. Their mouse & cat fight causes a lot of time to finish the scene. Kang Si-deok is on the set to get an experience but ends up getting cast in the drama when one of the actors quits without notice.

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Lawyer Do has been looking out for Han-byul a lot lately and he deliberately gets out of his office to find a chance to talk to Han-byul. When he doesn’t find her in her office, he goes to the cafeteria and grabs a chance to talk to her. He tells her that he has moved into an apartment next to Gong Tae-sung, to which Han-byul asks if he is holding a housewarming party.

Do has no idea what a housewarming party is and decides to hold one, just for the PR team. His colleague asks him if he likes Oh Han-byul because she has never seen him act like this in their three years of working together, to which he replies positively.

Shooting Stars Episode 6
Still from Shooting Stars Episode 6

After Gong Tae-sung and Da-hye’s dating scandal, Han-byul’s colleagues think that she must not be dating Tae-sung based on her calm response to the issue. However, in an interview, Gong Tae-sung reveals the idea of his ideal woman. A woman who can be his best friend, with whom he feels comfortable and can tease a lot. This matches the relationship between him and Han-byul which makes her colleagues believe that Tae-sung must have a crush on Han-byul.

Shooting Stars Episode 6 Ending

Tae-sung always watches his drama alone so that he can focus on his acting, but this time, he joins his office team while watching. Han-byul didn’t attend his shooting schedule and he desperately wants to see her reaction but still doesn’t get any. After the episode ends, he personally goes and asks her if she liked his acting. What she thinks of him means a lot more to him than everyone else.

Shooting Stars OST: How I Feel By Kim Jae-hwan

In the epilogue, we see younger Han-byul and Tae-sung having the same relationship as they have now, but Han-byul had started developing feelings for him. However, she stopped herself after she had to write an article about Tae-sung and his girlfriend. She believes one cannot work in the entertainment industry if they like a celebrity.

Shooting Stars Episode 6 Review

Shooting Stars Episode 6 shows the ridiculous dating scandals in Korean Entertainment Industry and how journalists have to stalk celebrities just to get an exclusive scoop. Overall, the episode showed the behind-the-scenes of our favourite Kdramas and importantly, how celebrities are humans too and should be treated like one.

Shooting Stars Episode 6 is available to watch on Viki.

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In Shooting Stars Episode 6, Tae-sung constantly seeks validation from Han-byul but doesn't pay attention to him.

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In Shooting Stars Episode 6, Tae-sung constantly seeks validation from Han-byul but doesn't pay attention to him.Shooting Stars Episode 6 Recap: Tae-sung Feels Uneasy Being Ignored By Han-byeol