Shooting Stars Episode 1 Recap: Lee Sung-kyung’s Hectic Life in a Celebrity Management Company

Shooting Stars(별똥별) is a 2022 Korean Drama featuring Lee Sung-kyung, Kim Young-dae, Yoon Jong-hoon, Kim Yoon-hye, Park So-jin and Lee Jung-shin. The series is directed by Lee Soo-hyun and runs for 16 episodes. Shooting Stars Episode 1 has a runtime of 58 minutes and is titled Most Pointless Thing in the World.

– Shooting Stars Episode 1 Recap contains spoilers –

Shooting Stars Episode 1 starts with an interview with Oh Han-byeol. Han-byeol is a team leader in the PR Department of Starforce Entertainment, a celebrity management company. She states that she is sick of receiving calls and wishes they would stop. Right after, she picks up the call from a reporter.

Shooting Stars Episode 1
Still from Shooting Stars Episode 1

Han-byeol receives phone calls from reporters at any time of the day. She has made time to go on a date after a long time and the guy keeps talking about how pointless her job is. The guy thinks that caring about celebrities is the most pointless thing in the world. Han-byeol can’t focus on his words as she keeps getting calls from the reporters about a scandal from one of her artists.

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The most famous actor at her agency is Gong Tae-sung. He is a top Hallyu star and has a huge fan following in Korea as well. Tae-sung has been volunteering in Africa for a year where helps the unprivileged communities and help them dig the borewells. He has a good image and is known as a kind person even though he is a top star, but Han-byeol is sick of seeing his name everywhere.

Shooting Stars Episode 1
Still from Shooting Stars Episode 1

PR is a difficult department to work in and most people leave the job in their early days. The newbies in Han-byeol’s team have been leaving one by one but in the end, one person still remains. Byun Jang-yeol makes many mistakes but he is passionate about learning. His mistakes question his position in the team but his manager Kang Yoo-sung decides to keep him after finding out about his special ability. Jang-yeol used to be an ambulance driver in the Emergency Response team which makes him a smooth driver, essential for a PR head who needs to travel a lot.

Shooting Stars Episode 1 Ending

Oh Han-byeol and her team have gone for a medical checkup but everyone leaves one by one after they get calls. Han-byeol is left alone for the last test and she falls asleep while doing so, only to wake up with multiple missed calls and text messages. She runs over to work half asleep and in her hospital clothes. Gong Tae-sung has caused controversy before coming back to Korea and she has to address it.

Shooting Stars Episode 1
Still from Shooting Stars Episode 1

A volunteer accused Tae-sung of hitting him when it was just an accidental headbutt from Tae-sung while playing foot volleyball but the volunteer spreads the false rumours online. Though Han-byeol’s team cover the issue, she believes that Tae-sung did it on purpose because the volunteer must have provoked him. Turns out, Han-byeol and Tae-sung have studied in college together and she knows him more than anyone else in the industry. Is Tae-sung really a kind person or is it just his media personality?

Shooting Stars Episode 1 Review

Shooting Stars Episode 1 is off to a good start with a chaotic office and its tired yet enthusiastic employees. Lee Sung-kyung shines in her role, which will remind you of her portrayal of Kim Bok-joo in 2017’s Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo. The cast is big but there isn’t an overload of information and incomplete introduction of characters which makes the drama look promising.

Shooting Stars is available to watch on Viki.

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Shooting Stars Episode 1 brings us a bright and playful new drama.

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Shooting Stars Episode 1 brings us a bright and playful new drama.Shooting Stars Episode 1 Recap: Lee Sung-kyung's Hectic Life in a Celebrity Management Company