Selling Tampa (2021) Review: Allure Realty and Delicious Gossip

Selling Tampa is a reality TV show which is a spin-off of Selling Sunset. The series has 8 episodes, each around 20 to 40 minutes long.

Netflix describes the series as:

The agents at the all-female, Black-owned Allure Realty mix business with fun as they rule the waterfront of a hot Tampa luxury real estate market.

– Selling Tampa review does not contain any spoilers –

Selling Tampa starts its first episode right in the middle of a real-estate opportunity for the women of Allure Realty. Owned by an all-Black women team, the real-estate reality TV series has some swanky places and empowered women who go around making huge commissions and taking huge vacations.

Ok, let’s first talk about the homes. The series has some great cinematography so the homes that are going up on the market look gorgeous. These sprawling estates in front of beautiful lakes are, obviously, very beautiful. But this series isn’t about the homes, is it? It’s about the women and their lives and loves.

Then we have the women of Allure. This is a weird mishmash between Real Housewives and Million Dollar Beach House. The series isn’t as much about real estate as it is about the people who are doing the selling and their personal lives. We get to know all about their lives and loves, their competition with each other as well as how they work together to seal the deal. Selling Tampa is entertaining and a bit annoying – these women can make for good television, but can also be extremely annoying and surface-level. There are some funny and relatable moments in their conversations with each other the latter of which are also quite delicious.

You get to know all of these women one by one, some more than the other. Their own depiction of themselves and the others will create an idea in your mind about them too. Sometimes they talk about each other behind their backs which is the gossipy reality TV that you need to fill your time. Selling Tampa, without a doubt, makes for great TV in the background. If you need something fun and entertaining to be on without giving too much thought to what is actually happening, this is going to be it for you.

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A lot of real-estate reality TV can be boring. But, to Selling Tampa’s credit, that’s not the case here. It’s absolutely deliciously addictive to watch. I mean, there’s a part where Sharelle’s mother’s house burns down and they show us pictures of the burnt property. Oof, and a passive-aggressive feud between the women at an estate showing occasion is absolutely great to watch. It’s entertaining reality TV – and these examples are just in the first episode!

Summing up: Selling Tampa

Selling Tampa is a deliciously controversy-inducing series that is more about the women and their problems rather than about the homes it tries to sell. And that’s ok, I am here for entertainment and honestly, I am thoroughly entertained by their petty feuds, passive-aggressiveness and rare emotional moments.

Selling Tampa is streaming on Netflix.

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Selling Tampa is deliciously gossipy and makes for great entertaining reality TV for your weekday blues.


  1. Your review is ridiculously. This is a great show the ladies are fantastic. They aren’t trying to divide and Conquer they are looking to help each other win and hold each other accountable. They have some differences, yes, but they are willing to work together to work it out. They are beautiful, positive and showing you true side of successful business women. Stay in your line because you know nothing about true black togetherness.

    • The way these women were talking about each other behind the scenes is honestly a bit appalling and shameful. But, I respect your opinion and enjoyed watching every minute of it.

  2. I think Sharelle is very unprofessional to be the actual Broker. To discuss other agents issues with Juawanna, is very unprofessional. I think her changing comp plans without speaking with agents is uncouth. With a increase of 15% only being in business for a year is quite scary. Rena seems to definitely be the most professional. Not choosing a picture with her in it speaks volumes. Janelle acts like she’s selling sex. I’m disappointed because it’s not a good look for black women. I had high hopes when I first began watching it. Money is not what make us anyone in totality, it’s actually a small part of who you are or at least it should be.

  3. I believe the show was set up this way. This is a business and they must be making deals or they would not have their own show. The show is focusing on drama, outfits and parties. It is not showing much business or selling. Put the blame where it needs to be, these women might be fabulous, smart, hella successful and rich. We will only see what the producers want us to see.

  4. I love this show ! Representation matters and for the African American community this is a great example of what hardworking, classy, fun, and professional women look like. The good outweighs the bad and the bad is honestly your every day normal in a pay to play industry. To be quite honest, they make it look easy though as stated breaking into luxury real estate especially for black women is hard.

  5. Sad to see how this group is fighting all the time between them. Broker is very unprofessional. Real estate in Tampa is more than a little group talking about the disagreements they have. They missed the chance to show Tampa to the world!

  6. Professional, really? What a joke. Put yourself in a buyers or sellers shoes. Sorry ladies, a lot better agents to choose from……simple as that. If you’re content on using them you probably don’t own much or any real estate! I get reality TV just as much as the next person, but when you want to submit an offer for 4 million (Initially was willing to submit a 3 million offer) on a 9 million dollar asking price is ridiculous. Then you have the other agent not knowing what the taxes were but says 6K and, “Oh I’m just guessing”. Does not compare to Bravos, selling LA or NY!!

  7. I watched the show and love it. I felt so good seeing these fabulous women doing their thing when it came to the real estate world. Especially women who looks a lot like me. I am so happy to see that the company is owned by someone that looks like me also. Please continued to do your thing in the real estate world and stay fabulous. Maybe one day God will bless me to owe a beautiful home like I saw on the show😀😄

  8. This show is ghetto, bad weave and clothes. Rena is the only professional, I wouldn’t purchase a 4 for r meal from any of them except Rena. Please low budget, low class women such a disgrace.

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Selling Tampa (2021) Review: Allure Realty and Delicious GossipSelling Tampa is deliciously gossipy and makes for great entertaining reality TV for your weekday blues.