(Season 2) Bless The Harts Episode 19 Recap: Wayne Meets His Sabotaging Bestfriend

Bless The Harts Episode 19 Spoilers Ahead

Bless the Harts Season 2 premiered on 27th September 2020 on Disney+ Hotstar. The American adult animated sitcom is created by Emily Spivey for the Fox Broadcasting Company. Bless the Harts episode 19 is directed by Albert Calleros, Valerie Fletcher, and Samantha Arnett. The voice cast includes Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Jillian Bell, Ike Barinholtz, Fortune Feimster, and more.

Bless The Harts Episode 19

A Troublesome Friend

It’s a new day in Greenpoint and well, again the Harts are up to something. There are 2 parallel plots in this episode like every other episode on the show. The first plot revolves around Jenny, Betty, and Violet as they try to fix their car which is literally burning as it has aged. The reason why the ladies are so determined to save the car all by themselves is that there is an abundance of memories related to it and also because Wayne is too busy to help! They try to fix the car by watching online videos but nothing seems to work till it does and Jenny alone fixes the car to perfection.

But it is not long before that the car catches fire on the move and the break fails. It is Wayne to the rescue here as he saves the day by saving these ladies.

Bless The Harts Episode 19

The second plot revolves around Wayne and his best buddy from school named Travis (guest voiced by Keenan Thompson) who apparently has a lavish and fun lifestyle and is a Hollywood celeb and a ladies’ man. But Travis has a history i.e., he always leaves Wayne in a puddle he created while Wayne struggles alone and he always escapes or causes harm or hurt to either Wayne or his image. And Jenny is well aware of this fact no matter how much Wayne denies seeing the truth.

As Bless The Harts Episode 19 has a bad friend and a bad car and looks like the Harts have to get rid of both! As the episode continues we see Travis pose the idea of a “The Drincan Temple” i.e., a temple and a bar compiled. And well, Wayne agrees. This decision leads Wayne to leave his dream job, work hard and alone on the bar which ultimately goes down into ashes. Considering that the bar was a dream both of them had since forever, Travis does nothing other than just messing around.

It is here that Wayne realizes what has been going on for years and how it’s wrong. And he is back to his family. But when Wayne reaches out to his boss to hire him back, he realizes Travis’s truth that he is no big shot and lives in garages and compounds of malls. But all’s well that ends well. Wayne realizes the value of his family and comes back to his usual, meanwhile, Travis uses his charm to help the Harts buy a new car at a discounted price!

Summing up, Bless The Harts Episode 19 is a lesson about how relying on people blindly is harmful and dangerous in both the car repair and friends case and well, it’s true.

Stream It or Skip It

Bless The Harts Episode 19

STREAM IT! Bless The Harts Episode 19 has some very funny moments. You get to see grown-up Violet in her imagination, hear Jenny’s birth story and see young Betty and Jenny (all in flashback). You also get to see Wayne without his cap and more self-involved than any other episode all the while making perfecto’ drinks.

Bless The Harts season 2 is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Bless The Harts Episode 19 has a bad friend and a bad car and looks like The Harts have to get rid of both!

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