Scenes From A Marriage Episode 3 Review: Reconnecting

Scenes from a Marriage Episode 3 is the third chapter in Hagai Levi’s remake of the 1973 Swedish series of the same name by Ingmar Bergman. The mini-series is led by Oscar Issac (as Jon) and Jessica Chastain (as Mira), who play a married couple trying to confront the flaws and strengths in their marriage. Each episode is one hour long and is called a “scene” in the opening credits, giving the audience a feeling of watching a play.

The last episode left us heartbroken as we witnessed Mira and Jonathan breaking out at each other which eventually resulted in Mira leaving Jon. Scenes from a Marriage Episode 3 shows us the couple reuniting a year after their fallout.

Scenes from a Marriage Episode 3 Contains Spoilers

Scenes from a Marriage Episode 3: The Vale of Tears

Living up to its routine, the third episode starts with Oscar Issac behind-the-scenes with the crew, preparing to take over his reel-life as Jon.

Jon is in the living room when we hear the doorbell ring. Mira stands at the door- new hair, posh coat and a sense of regret and longing in her eyes. Looks like a year has gone by since the earth-shattering truth about Mira’s affair, Jon’s emotional unavailability and the couple falling apart. The present air is distant and synchronized with Ava being the couple’s only link to one another as they mutually share the custody.

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Mira, back in a familiar place, feels unfamiliar to the surroundings- the furniture has changed, Jon and Ava share a space together now, her bedroom with Jon is an attic of old memories and the life she left behind seems to remove her existence piece by piece. However, that does not hold her back to create a new one as she offers Jon and Ava to join her in London, where her work will take her next.

But Jon, still hurting, cannot fathom how Mira is the only one taking decisions all the time. The couple has a few disagreements and some recollection of past memories as the night goes on with the pouring glasses of wine.

Scenes from a Marriage Episode 3: Jon’s Reflections

The first two episodes of Scenes from a Marriage was dedicated to Mira’s pains and struggles. It was not until the end of the second episode of Scenes from a Marriage that we get a glimpse of the repression Jon has been sitting on for years.

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Scenes from a Marriage episode 3 gives Jon the stage to finally talk about his feelings and his struggles. We get to know that Jon is seeing a therapist, who encourages him to write “morning pages” every day. When Mira insists he read them to her, we find Jon’s excerpt talking about his strict father, anxious mother and reflections on his own shortcomings which might have triggered Mira to walk out.

Jon is also aware of how Mira saved him in a way, making the audience and Mira realize that there will be no way that Jon will ever stop loving her. He also takes Mira through the initial days of torment when he was left alone and the gradual change that has helped him evolve.

Jon’s reflections in Scenes from a Marriage episode 3 is beautifully crafted with emotional triggers and heartfelt moments.

Scenes from a Marriage Episode 3: Final Thoughts

The third episode is heavily layered with Mira’s regrets and wants and Jon’s confessions and self-awareness. It is an ode to solitude at times, with the couple’s conflicting views on being alone. It is also about desires and how moving forward can only happen when you take a step back. Levi, with the help of Issac and Chastain, executes the drama brilliantly.

You can stream Scenes from a Marriage every Monday at 7:30 am on Disney+ Hotstar. Meanwhile, you can catch the recap for the first two episodes of Scenes from a Marriage, here.

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Scenes from a Marriage episode 3 gives us beautiful and tragic conversations between Mira and Jon.

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Scenes From A Marriage Episode 3 Review: ReconnectingScenes from a Marriage episode 3 gives us beautiful and tragic conversations between Mira and Jon.