Saturday Morning All Star Hits Season 1 Review: Kyle Mooney’s Nostalgic Trip Is Not For Everyone

Netflix’s animation and live-action hybrid Saturday Morning All Star Hits brings back the nostalgia of the 80s and 90s. Saturday Night Live icons Kyle Mooney and Ben Jones serve as the creators as well as executive producers for this show. The Emmy Award-winning Bento Box Entertainment along with Lorne Michaels, Andrew Singer, Katy Jenson (Broadway Video), Scott Greenberg, Joel Kuwahara (Bento Box Entertainment), Dave McCary, and Scott Gairdner, serve as the executive producer for this series.

– Netflix’s Saturday Morning All Star Hits review contains mild spoilers –

Saturday Morning All Star Hits!: Nostalgia Trip to the 80s & 90s

Kyle Mooney stars as Skip and Treybor, twin brothers who are the host for this eponymous television show from the 80s that produce a range of animated programs giving an odd tribute to the various narrative styles that the millennials of today are pretty familiar with. The narrative is similar to the way TV broadcasts happened before the emergence of OTT platforms like Netflix, Hulu and others.

Mooney does not limit himself to playing the host as gets on with other roles that include Johnny Rash, an ’80s movie star, Johnny’s brother Ethan, a writer in the making, Bruce Chandling, the questionable SNL talented standup comedian with his childhood years being turned into a cartoon series for Saturday Morning All Star Hits! We get the story of Randy, the dinosaur running for most off the show in addition to Mooney’s cameos.

There are a total of eight episodes each with a sitcom-like runtime between 20 to 30 minutes each. They feature a bizarre but hilarious running rivalry between our two twin hosts Skip and Treybor, with Skip becoming increasingly popular to a point where Skip stars in a show called ‘The Strongimals’ and Treybor turning jealous. The show also pursues the storyline featuring David and The Crittles and the development in their family and love life. The last episode ends with Skip’s rising stardom that demands him to be on a live show titled ‘Skip and the Strongimals’ but is interrupted by dysfunctional family dynamics and the final result of the murder of a TV star.

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Saturday Morning All Star Hits: Final Verdict

In all honesty, Saturday Morning All Star Hits! only hits you with a sense of relatability, only if you are kids from the 80s and 90s. The show primarily targets the nuances only the Millenials and Gen-X will be able to relate to, leaving a huge chunk of the audience desperately wishing to understand and relate to the show more.

The irony, of course, is that the show which reflects the TV broadcast culture being made for an on-demand streaming site is not lost. Audiences who miss their childhood and the ways TV programs made up a huge part of their life might feel emotional and really enjoy the show. However, for the rest of the public, it might go down a two-way street: one where you don’t understand the references and relevance of the show or, two, where you actually think about how your life has been different and want to rather go back to the old ways.

Saturday Morning All Star Hits is absurd but, fun. You might really want a second season or just retreat into your shell of not knowing how the old generation felt like. Stream it to know how you feel about the show!

You can watch all the episodes of Saturday Morning All Star Hits now streaming on Netflix.

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Saturday Morning All Star Hits Season 1 is a nostalgic trip to the 80s & 90s, only if you belong from that time.


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