Russian Doll Season 2 Review: Natasha Lyonne Travels Through Time to Learn Crucial Truths About Life

Russian Doll Season 2 stars Natasha Lyonne as Nadia Vulvokov, Greta Lee as Maxine, Elizabeth Ashley as Ruth Brenner, Charlie Barnett as Alan Zaveri, Chloë Sevigny as Lenona Vulvokov, and Rebecca Henderson as Lizzy. The Netflix comedy-drama is created and written by Lesley Headland, Amy Poehler and Natasha. The latest season has 7 episodes of 30 minutes approx.

The synopsis reads, “All aboard the crazy train. After enduring the wildest night of their lives — over and over — Nadia and Alan stumble into another bewildering existential adventure.”

Netflix’s Russian Doll Season 2 Review Contains Minor Spoilers

In Season 1, Nadia and Alan are stuck in a loop of life and death and have no escape. However, they found what needed to be done to stop the exhausting loop in the end. Russian Doll Season 2 on Netflix is set 4 years after the time loop incident. Nadia will be turning 40 but doesn’t want the big birthday party Maxine wants to throw for her. Nadia’s godmother Ruthie had a minor car accident and was admitted to a hospital.

On her way home, Nadia boards the train ‘6622’, which surprisingly takes her back to 1982. At first, she isn’t surprised by the game time is playing with her again. But the time travel brings Nadia face-to-face with her past. Similarly, Alan, who is in a better space in life, also boards a train which takes him to the past he didn’t know he needed to see. Everything becomes challenging for Nadia and Alan, and they have no choice but to find a solution by themselves.

When the train takes Nadia back to 1982, we assume it will be another constant loop for her. But that’s not what happens and she has to deal with the past. The intergenerational complexities she faces seem tough, and we are worried for her. Every time she believes the situation is in the control of our protagonists, the time travel train presents them with another shocking timeline. From the Nazis to the Cold War, we are taken to different eras that have affected the lives of our characters.

Russian Doll Season 2 Still 1

Russian Doll Season 1 was about how Nadia and Alan could’ve changed the entire situation had they helped each other. We learn how things started and what should be done to end them. In Season 2, we are never told the reason that leads to Nadia and Alan travelling through time. However, their journey to the past opens the box of many emotions. What has always made the Netflix show people’s favourite is despite having a sci-fi tone, the story is filled with layers of various human emotions like love, friendship and loyalty.

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The latest season reflects upon self-reflection, self-learning, self-discovery and acceptance. Nadia and Alan might have spent 4 years living a fair life after their life and death loop. But have they really accepted their life as it is? My understanding of the current season has been that it is crucial to accept your reality and make it better rather than attempting to change everything about it.

Russian Doll Season 2 Still 2

Season 2 also highlights the wonderful bond Nadia shares with her godmother Ruth. The last episode is quite impactful, and unlike season 1, one won’t be left in severe confusion. I watched it twice to understand it better.

Natasha Lyonne is incredible as Nadia Vulvokov. As one person, the actor had to perform as several individuals, and she’s done a brilliant job. You’ll understand why she’s such a gem once you watch the show. Annie Murphy plays a key role in the latest season, and she’s a delight to watch. Actors Charle Barnett, Chloë Sevigny, Greta Lee and Elizabeth Ashley also play their parts well.

Russian Doll Season 2 Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, Natasha, Amy and Leslye have presented us with another humorous and excellent story of the time that will make us think a lot. The meaningful and emotional message and the performances make the story even better. However, I wish there was a clear answer to what force led Nadia and Alan on time travel journey.

Russian Doll Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

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Russian Doll Season 2 Review: The Netflix comedy series takes an interesting turn this time.

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Russian Doll Season 2 Review: The Netflix comedy series takes an interesting turn this time.Russian Doll Season 2 Review: Natasha Lyonne Travels Through Time to Learn Crucial Truths About Life